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#1381 new enhancement

--nocheck standby is ignored if device does not support power check which causes spin up

Reported by: Marc Gutt Owned by:
Priority: minor Milestone: undecided
Component: smartctl Version: 7.1
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I connected an HDD through USB. The USB controller blocks some hdparm/ATA commands and by that the following:

smartctl -n standby -A /dev/sdg


CHECK POWER MODE: incomplete response, ATA output registers missing
CHECK POWER MODE not implemented, ignoring -n option

I would prefer that it does not ignore the -n option in such a case to avoid HDD spin up (the reason why -n was used).

This caused a small bug in Unraid:

But I was able to solve it by changing the command to the "-i" option:

smartctl -n standby -i /dev/sdg

It returns the same "not implemented" error, but it does luckily not spin up the HDD.

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comment:1 Changed 11 days ago by Christian Franke

Component: allsmartctl
Milestone: undecided

Long standing (14+ year old, see r2227) behavior should not be changed as others may rely on it.

We could possibly further enhance the option as
If STATUS2 is specified and CHECK POWER MODE is not supported, exit immediately with this status.

For example:

  smartctl -n standby,3,5 -x /dev/ice

If device is in STANDBY mode, exit(3). If CHECK POWER MODE is not supported, exit(5). Otherwise proceed as usual.

PS: It depends on drive firmware, USB bridge and OS whether specific pass-through commands spin up the disk. smartctl -i may also spin up and smartctl -A may not.

comment:2 Changed 10 days ago by Marc Gutt

I would prefer:
-n standby
-n standby-force

"force" adds the new "exit(5)" behaviour and would be the short form of "force nocheck even device does not support power check mode". Or "standby-skip" as a short form of "skip on errors".

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