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Update Apacer SMART Feature

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Dear JPBerlin,

I am Apacer Software Engineer, and we want add new smart feature to the drivedb.h as below:

  { "Apacer SSD",
    "[0-9]{1,3}(G|T)B SATA Flash Drive",
    "SF(D[^ABCD]|M[A-Z]|P[A-Z])[0-9A-Z][0-9]{2}[A-Z]", "",
    "-v 9,raw48,Power_On_Hours "
    "-v 12,raw48,Power_Cycle_Count "
    "-v 163,raw48,Max_Erase_Count "
    "-v 164,raw48,Average_Erase_Count "
    "-v 166,raw48,Total_Later_Bad_Block_Count "
    "-v 167,raw48,SSD_Protect_Mode "
    "-v 168,raw48,SATA_PHY_Error_Count "
    "-v 171,raw48,Program_Fail_Count "
    "-v 172,raw48,Erase_Fail_Count "
    "-v 175,raw48,Bad_Cluster_Table_Count "
    "-v 192,raw48,Unexpected_Power_Loss_Count "
    "-v 231,raw48,Lifetime_Left "
    "-v 241,raw48,Total_Sectors_Of_Write "

Could you help to update the database? Or Is any other information must provided by us?

Thanks for help.

Best Regards,

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comment:1 Changed 13 months ago by Christian Franke

Keywords: ssd added
Milestone: undecided
Priority: majorminor



  • Please always provide a sample smartctl -x (don't use -a, see man page) output of at least one affected drive. See the FAQ for further info.
  • PLEASE TEST new entries before submission (see -P showall on smartctl man page). The submitted entry contains syntax errors:
    $ smartctl -B ./drivedb-ticket1202.h -P showall
                        166 Total_Later_Bad_Block_Count
              Error: Attribute name too long ------^
                        192 Unexpected_Power_Loss_Count
              Error: Attribute name too long ------^
    Found 2 syntax error(s) in database.
  • -v options with are already covered by the DEFAULT entry should be commented-out (see various other SSD entries for examples).


Dear JPBerlin,

BTW, we are not JPBerlin :-)
JPBerlin hosts our mailing lists.

comment:2 Changed 12 months ago by Christian Franke

See also ticket #1209.

comment:3 Changed 12 months ago by Christian Franke

There is a smartctl output for a matching device on the old smartmontools-database list:

Please note that changeset r4907 (ticket #1183) already added an entry for Apacer SDM5/5A/5A-M Series SSD Module. Its firmware regex SF(DK004A|DE001A) matches a subset of the above SF(D[^ABCD]|M[A-Z]|P[A-Z])[0-9A-Z][0-9]{2}[A-Z]. See drivedb.h file.

Please enhance this existing entry or change the new entry accordingly.

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