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#107 Monitor worst and threshold value somebody enhancement minor undecided smartd
#110 Print self-test failure checkpoint byte somebody enhancement minor undecided smartctl
#215 Read xerror and append new error(s) to log file somebody enhancement minor undecided all
#230 Areca device for Windows not showing in --scan somebody enhancement minor undecided all
#292 Some Seagate drives play loose with the usage of some fields, confuses calculations somebody enhancement minor undecided all
#299 Feature request: Read drive info through WMI somebody enhancement minor undecided smartd
#513 Windows spins up and down disk even when ''-n standby'' is used defect minor undecided all
#690 os_solaris.cpp: Add NVMe support for Solaris and IllumOS enhancement minor undecided all
#737 Exit code 0 returned even when no SCSI diagnostic data is available defect minor undecided smartctl
#819 KINGSTON SUV400S37120G: badly formed scsi parameters defect minor undecided all
#820 Would like to contribute to making smartctl a static library task minor undecided all
#826 Old OCZ-Vertex2 drive: badly formed scsi parameters defect minor undecided all
#832 Enable / disable the certain device features by specifying feature value and sector count value. patch minor undecided smartctl
#870 [SAS/SCSI] Patch to support SMART attributes support for WDC SAS products patch minor undecided smartctl
#930 add to drivedb: Hewlett_Packard_Enterprise-MB001000GWCBC enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#964 new re-RMA disk, smartmontools shows Power-off_retract_count > 65536+ but other 'Count' values are < 5-10 enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#990 add to drivedb: MB4000GVYZA enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1067 Add Samsung specific NVMe pass-through access via NVMe Security commands enhancement minor undecided all
#1070 SSDSC2KB019T7R scsi error badly formed scsi parameters defect minor undecided all
#1117 add to drivedb: ST240FN0021 patch minor undecided drivedb
#1139 Please add HP VK0240GEYJQ (Intel S3510 with custom FW) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1180 HP-MB2000GCWDA drive enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1213 Access smart data from devices behind Megaraid software stack (ESRT2) enhancement minor undecided all
#1218 Self tests pass under Windows 10 1809 but get stuck at 90% under Linux defect minor undecided smartctl
#1269 HPE MB012000GWDFE missing in smartmon database enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1290 QNAP-TR002 Port Multiplier does not provide SMART data enhancement minor undecided all
#1310 WDC WD80EFAX - error badly formed scsi parameters defect minor undecided all
#1313 Beware of SMR drives in CMR clothing enhancement minor undecided all
#1342 Prolific PL2507 (0x067b:0x2507) defect minor undecided all
#1419 Our trac is using Py2 which is EOL ~1yr already task minor undecided wiki
#1420 Request to add ASMedia 1062R to drivedb.h enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1422 Samsung Flash Drive FIT support (0x090c:0x1000, Silicon Motion) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1440 'smartctl -n standby' wakes up Adaptec HBA adapter drives defect major undecided all
#1443 [smartd] fix for otherwise always aborted selftests enhancement minor undecided smartd
#1448 "Defect list not found" SAS SSD defect major undecided smartctl
#1449 Apacer-APS25AF7512G-5BTM1GWT patch minor undecided drivedb
#1451 Requesting -d sat entry for JMicron 0x152d:0x0583 (conflict with -d sntjmicron) enhancement minor undecided all
#1459 Add to drivedb: WDC WSH722020ALN6Lz enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1461 WD Elements WDBWLG0100HBK-EESN (WDC WD101EMAZ-11G7DA0) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1462 Read SMART Selective Self-test Log failed: scsi error unsupported field in scsi command defect minor undecided smartctl
#1486 HP P500 portable SSD not being correctly handled (0x090c:0x1000) enhancement minor undecided all
#1496 smartctl -s standby,now SPINS up other drives! (Windows) defect minor undecided smartctl
#1499 Support to KINGSPEC-NE-512 (0x174c:0x2362, ASM2362) enhancement minor undecided all
#1504 defect - WD Elements external hard drive errors with "not capable of SMART self-check" defect major undecided all
#1505 smartd: only start self-test if temperature is low enough? enhancement minor undecided smartd
#1507 How to retrieve/set SCTERC NVME devices? enhancement minor undecided smartctl
#1512 Deprecate the mailing list in favor of StackExchange enhancement minor undecided all
#1514 Add HPE OEM drives to drivedb (MB004000GWKGV, MK003840GWHTE) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1519 SMART attributes of sleeping external HDD are returned only after the 3rd try defect minor undecided smartctl
#1523 Schrodinger's test - Captive tests fail when Smart is checked enhancement minor undecided smartctl
#1524 Add SSD HP S700 Pro to the database enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1525 Separate DB entries for Intel S4510/S4610/S4500/S4600 Series SSDs patch minor undecided drivedb
#1526 Problem Dell laptops mode Raid-On [Windows] defect minor undecided smartctl
#1527 linux megaraid: opening the device for ioctls with O_RDWR causes a partition rescan patch major undecided all
#1531 Please add SPCC Solid State Disk to Database enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1568 smartctl messages ‘Error: UNC at LBA’ invalid value for Windows defect minor undecided smartctl
#1580 Add Seagate BUP Fast HDD to drive database (ASMT109x- Fast) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1604 Intel S3700 w/ HP custom firmware (MK0400GCTZA) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1609 JMicron USB bridges may return empty sense data on error enhancement minor undecided all
#1620 WD WDS SSDs show incorrect Media Wearout Indicator (WDS400T2B0A) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1623 smartd SMART Failure events even after the HDD is replaced defect major undecided smartd
#1625 smartctl does not check physical element status defect minor undecided smartctl
#1626 Please add Verbatim Vi550 S3 (Maxio) to the database enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1633 SCSI self-tests only working in foreground mode (TOSHIBA AL13SEB300) defect major undecided smartctl
#1636 WD Gold WD2005FBYZ-01YCBB3 Unknown Attribute (16) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1641 smartctl.exe -d aacraid on Windows crashing when called with full path to binary defect major undecided all
#1645 Please add DAICHI to the Database (#DI LCB0D #DFULCB0D0033) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1669 Axiom Signature Series III SSD enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1670 smartd: per device rules don't match for nvmes defect minor undecided smartd
#1674 Add support for QNAP QDA-A2MAR (JMicron JMS562) enhancement minor undecided all
#1681 Support for Actions Microelectronics AM8180 USB to NVMe bridge (0x1de1:0xe101, RTL9210) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1683 Avolusion PRO-5X Series 12TB Not in smartctl database enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1685 Support for HighPoint controller with EJ340 extender enhancement minor undecided all
#1686 HFS480G3H2X069N enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1688 HPE VK000960GWCNR (Intel S3520 SSDSC2BB960G7P with custom FW) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1689 GOODRAM CX400 (SSDPR-CX400-128-G2 FW:SN07373) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1690 Silicon Power A55 (SPCC Solid State Disk FW:SN08921) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1702 Seagate ST8000VN004-2M2101 doesn't show SMART attributes with -x defect minor undecided smartctl
#1703 Patriot Burst Elite 2.5 inch SSD 1920GB enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1705 Add new SSD product SMART attributes enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1708 Windows - NVMe Self-Test (kicking and aborting) not working properly defect minor undecided smartctl
#1709 Add PNY CS900 1TB SSD to database (PNY 1TB SATA SSD/H220916a) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1710 Single PERC H700 HDD through HyperV as scsi device defect minor undecided all
#1714 AZW 512G M.2 SATA SSD 221010 P (512GB SSD/SN11986) enhancement minor undecided drivedb
#1738 Better info for SAS drives enhancement minor undecided smartctl
#1741 nvme self test commands fail when specifying a namespace defect minor undecided smartctl
#52 os_linux.cpp: Implement linux_highpoint_device::ata_pass_through() somebody enhancement major unscheduled all
#60 DEVICESCAN and hotplug somebody enhancement major unscheduled smartd
#104 os_solaris.cpp: Migrate to new dev_interface somebody enhancement major unscheduled all
#105 os_qnxnto.cpp: Migrate to new dev_interface somebody enhancement major unscheduled all
#179 Rework SCSI debug output somebody task minor unscheduled all
#345 Implement scanning of the cciss devices for the Linux/FreeBSD enhancement minor unscheduled all
#464 Improve handling of the SanDisk based SSDs based on data from vendor tool enhancement minor unscheduled drivedb
#688 Print vendor specific NVMe log pages enhancement major unscheduled smartctl
#695 Incorrect serial number in email report after drive replacement enhancement minor unscheduled smartd
#712 Not in smartctl database: SanDisk Z400s (SanDisk SD8SFAT128G1122) enhancement minor unscheduled drivedb
#799 not in database SanDisk-SD8SNAT128G1002 enhancement minor unscheduled drivedb
#904 ADATA SP580 enhancement minor unscheduled drivedb
#914 DRIVE SUBMSISION: TOSHIBA THNSNK128GCS8 SSD 128GB enhancement minor unscheduled drivedb
#920 need to help for some correction : PM871b HP defect minor unscheduled drivedb
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