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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9 SCSI devices are exported 2 times to smartd Alex Samorukov defect major all
#96 St34342A Support?! somebody enhancement major all
#176 SATA drive in an external USB connect enclosure somebody defect major all
#196 Spam somebody defect major all
#208 LSI 2018 MegaRaid INQUIRY failed somebody defect major all
#210 Can't enable SMART on WD20EARS-00MVWB0 somebody defect major all
#261 smartctl on OpenSolaris (OpenIndiana, illumos) outputs kernel errors somebody defect minor all
#265 Support for Serial Attached SCSI Drives somebody enhancement minor all
#270 HD temp sensors too somebody defect major all
#274 big temperature difference between smartd & smartctl somebody defect major all
#284 smartctl -l selftest does not show running selftest status with Toshiba MK2002TSKB somebody defect minor all
#287 selective test percentage somebody defect major all
#293 Incomplete support for fixed format sense data somebody defect minor all
#318 Spam somebody defect major all
#466 FreeBSD 9.3: extended self-test log lifetime timestamp does not match reality defect major all
#495 Smartmontools + Intel RAIDcontroller + Powershell task major all
#507 Strange attributes on Seagate Constellation ES.3 enhancement major all
#518 Is following "FIRMWARE IMPENDING FAILURE*" errors critical ? task trivial all
#519 testing new trac, plz ignore defect major Release 6.0 all
#526 2T external WD drive right drivers here for Windows 7 mark kirk defect minor Release 6.0 all
#553 smartctrl labels seemingly good value pre-fail (windows and linux) defect major all
#606 Vendor Attributes not fetched for Seagate/Toshiba Disks defect major all
#608 Long test hanged on HGST drives defect major all
#626 Intel® SSD 520 Series + smartctl -t long defect major all
#629 Intel SSD DC S3500 detected as SATA 2.6 compliant defect minor all
#630 how to configure amazon aws mail server to send smartd alerts defect minor all
#639 Problem on reading news WDC WD10 Red HDD defect major all
#675 Disable tler through usb3.0-sata enclosure? defect major all
#676 USB enclosure (Asmedia 5311E) failed with -d sat what now? defect major all
#694 about the smartmontools command to fetch the NVMe SSD info under Windows. defect major all
#735 "smartctl -o on sdX" disables spindown defect minor all
#748 scan_smart_devices: glob(3) aborted matching pattern /dev/discs/disc enhancement major all
#781 smartctl for OCZ-AGILITY3 incorrectly reporting temperature of 128C defect minor all
#793 SMART error (FailedReadSmartSelfTestLog) detected on host: xxx defect major all
#925 creating test ticket to test new trac version defect minor all
#971 No SMART access to Seagate devices under Linux if UAS is used defect minor all
#1008 JMicron 152d:0539 always run smart check only over the first disk defect minor all
#1028 NVMe support for admin or nvme commands enhancement major all
#1215 smartctl selects the wrong NVMe device defect major all
#1242 Only one NVMe device is examined under Windows (Intel VMD NVMe RAID) enhancement minor all
#1265 sample ticket defect minor all
#1271 Windows 2012 R2 NVMe support (stornvme.sys) enhancement major all
#1275 INTEL SSDSC2BF180A5L: Self-tests always abort immediately defect minor all
#1319 SATA drives in SIIG 3.0 gbps 2 drive enclosure reports error. defect minor all
#1333 NVMe Support for SMART reporting on VMware vSphere ESXi enhancement minor all
#1339 smartctl -n standby wakes WD USB drive defect minor all
#1352 Vantec-SATA-IDE-Adapter-CB-ISA225-U3-Innostor Technology Corporation defect minor all
#1434 NMVe SMART/Health Critical Warning Bit 3 (0x4) not necessary an error defect minor all
#1447 Unknown USB bridge [0x1058:0x264d (0x3012)] defect minor all
#1453 Short offline self test failed [unsupported scsi opcode] defect minor all
#1473 Read NVMe Identify Controller failed: IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT failed, Error=87 defect minor all
#1481 Spam defect minor all
#1482 Spam defect minor all
#1483 Spam defect minor all
#1501 Buffer I/O error logical block async page read (TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100) defect major all
#1522 Long test never completes on Western Digital Blue Mobile WDC WD20SPZX-60UA7T0 defect minor all
#1638 Spam defect minor all
#1644 SMART Status not supported: Incomplete response, ATA output registers missing (CCISS) defect minor all
#1777 Device: /dev/sda, IE (SMART) not enabled, skip device, after smartctl -s on /dev/sda defect minor all
#1792 test ticket defect minor none all
#1803 NVME support defect minor all
#1819 Inquiry about new drivenb in smartmontools (smartctl) task minor all
#514 smartcrl question defect minor drivedb
#666 Add Kingston HyperX to database enhancement minor drivedb
#753 LITEONIT LSS-24L6G Database Submission enhancement minor drivedb
#769 TOSHIBA PX04SRB384 rev AM04 defect major drivedb
#813 Add Kingston DC1000 SSD to smartdb enhancement minor drivedb
#828 Add drive to smartctl database - PM951 NVMe SAMSUNG 256GB enhancement minor drivedb
#854 drivedb.h parser ignores lines with // comments defect major drivedb
#867 Missing from DB - Seagate ST4000NM0023 enhancement trivial drivedb
#950 add to drivedb: HGST-SSD1600MM enhancement minor drivedb
#957 add to drivedb: ST6000NM0095 enhancement minor drivedb
#1171 KINGSTON SKC1000480G enhancement minor drivedb
#1219 A few SMART SSD default parameters additions (170-174) patch minor drivedb
#1254 Corsair MP600 1TB enhancement minor drivedb
#1259 Samsung-SSD-970-PRO(NVMe) enhancement minor drivedb
#1305 Sony 660p (INTEL SSDPEKNW512G8) enhancement minor drivedb
#1343 Please add : Smartbuy PS5013-2280T enhancement minor drivedb
#1382 SAMSUNG MZVLQ512HALU-00000 enhancement minor drivedb
#1387 Add to DB: Unknown Device LITEON CA3-8D512 enhancement minor drivedb
#1438 Harddisk is not in the smart database (FUJITSU MBA3073RC) enhancement minor drivedb
#1464 NVMe drives in database? (Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 500GB) enhancement minor drivedb
#1528 addition to database for smartctl-Samsung-SSD980PRO enhancement minor drivedb
#1602 WDS200T1X0E-00AFY0 enhancement minor drivedb
#1628 Add to drivedb: MSI SPATIUM M470 enhancement minor drivedb
#1654 Add ADATA SX8200PNP SSD to drive database please enhancement minor drivedb
#1671 New Disk Kingston Data Center DC1500M enhancement minor drivedb
#1750 Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 250GB enhancement minor drivedb
#1757 HP EX950 Nvme Drive not in database enhancement minor drivedb
#1769 Getting error when adding a new drive to drivedb.h defect minor drivedb
#1771 SMART db request: Seagate FireCuda HDD (0x0bc2:0x2021) enhancement minor drivedb
#1778 Kioxia Problems enhancement minor drivedb
#51 Spam somebody defect major smartctl
#56 Spam somebody defect trivial smartctl
#57 Spam somebody defect major smartctl
#58 Spam somebody defect major smartctl
#263 Drive does not support SMART, but health check shows 'Ok' somebody defect minor smartctl
#282 problem with smartctl -a with SDM SSD memory device jeremy385892 defect major smartctl
#288 Remove failure notice for Attribute 190 somebody task major smartctl
#323 Report for Western Digital Red drive doesn't make sense somebody defect major smartctl
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