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#1323 Toshiba N300 drive enhancement minor Release 7.3 drivedb
#1330 Device not yet supported: SEAGATE Expansion Desktop, 6.0TB (STEB6000403) defect minor all
#1331 smartctl 7.1 doesn't show attributes on Seagate SAS drives but 6.6 does defect minor Release 7.2 smartctl
#1336 Crucial MX500 firmware M3CR032 also returns bogus attribute 197 Christian Franke defect minor Release 7.2 drivedb
#1344 Seagate BUP Portable defect minor all
#1367 Split code into common interface library binary, and smartd + smartctl binaries enhancement minor all
#1383 IronWolf Pro 125 enhancement minor Release 7.2 drivedb
#1395 USB-connected 14tb WDC WD140EDFZ-11A0VA0 enhancement minor drivedb
#1398 drivedb update => ​WDC WD140EDFZ-11A0VA0 enhancement minor drivedb
#1403 NVMe pass-through support for Samsung T7 SSD (0x04e8:0x4001) enhancement minor Release 7.3 all
#1418 Self-test log life time resets after a certain Power_On_Hours value defect minor smartctl
#1423 Micron_5300_MTFDDAK480TDS enhancement minor Release 7.2 drivedb
#1425 Device not in database: Seagate BarraCuda 120 SSD ZA1000CM10003 enhancement minor drivedb
#1470 new drive for database WDC-WD141KRYZ-01C66B0 enhancement minor drivedb
#68 QNX Support somebody defect major all
#163 Error happened when run smartctl -a /dev/sdb command somebody defect major all
#226 SCSI passthrough on OS X somebody enhancement major all
#241 Support for more than 24 drives at a time somebody enhancement major all
#244 Request adding LSI megaraid card support on windows somebody enhancement major smartctl
#339 Intel 520 SSD Power On Hours not working defect major all
#665 update-smart-drivedb not functional defect major Release 6.5 drivedb
#1014 smartd doesn't notice newly added devices afters start enhancement major smartd
#1017 make smartd usable as temperature monitor / replace hddtemp enhancement major smartd
#1258 Error Counter logging not supported (SAMSUNG MZILT800HAHQ0D3) defect major Release 7.1 smartctl
#1279 update-smart-drivedb: Older releases return *** BAD signature *** defect major drivedb
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