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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#234 Impossible to access to the physical disks behind a 3Ware 9650 RAID card somebody defect minor all
#241 Support for more than 24 drives at a time somebody enhancement major all
#242 Adding Support for USB 2.0 IDE Adapter (ID 05e3:0702) somebody enhancement major all
#243 Request adding LSI megaraid card support on windows somebody enhancement major all
#244 Request adding LSI megaraid card support on windows somebody enhancement major smartctl
#245 Incorrectly displayed values ​​SCT ERC (5734.5 second) somebody defect minor smartctl
#246 SMART detecting defect? somebody defect major smartctl
#248 SSD disks wrong monitoring somebody defect major smartd
#249 smartd: health check failed if SCSI drive is performing test somebody defect minor all
#251 smartctl segfaults on OpenBSD-powerpc Christian Franke defect major smartctl
#252 add disks on megaraid sas controller to DEVICESCAN Alex Samorukov enhancement minor all
#254 Smartctl 5.38 testing SAS HDD issue somebody defect major smartctl
#255 Smartctl 5.43 testing issue in Suse 10 (LSI 1064E) somebody defect major smartctl
#260 [FR] update an item at the wiki's "LiveCDs" page Christian Franke enhancement trivial all
#261 smartctl on OpenSolaris (OpenIndiana, illumos) outputs kernel errors somebody defect minor all
#262 Add link for OS X SAT passthrough in wiki, section USB Christian Franke enhancement trivial all
#263 Drive does not support SMART, but health check shows 'Ok' somebody defect minor smartctl
#264 Support for Serial Attached SCSI Drives somebody enhancement minor all
#265 Support for Serial Attached SCSI Drives somebody enhancement minor all
#269 Change standby (spindown) timer of WDEARS20 somebody defect minor all
#270 HD temp sensors too somebody defect major all
#271 diffrent responces from SMARTCTL somebody defect major all
#273 Support for Mylex AcceleRAID controllers somebody enhancement minor all
#274 big temperature difference between smartd & smartctl somebody defect major all
#275 vc10 project file missing files somebody defect minor all
#276 Getting SMART from LSI 9201 and SAS expanders somebody defect major all
#278 Adaptec 7 series and SATA disks problem somebody defect major all
#279 Compile time error with 6.1 and RedHat 9 Alex Samorukov defect major all
#282 problem with smartctl -a with SDM SSD memory device jeremy385892 defect major smartctl
#284 smartctl -l selftest does not show running selftest status with Toshiba MK2002TSKB somebody defect minor all
#286 48-bit ATA commands not supported on OS X somebody enhancement major all
#287 selective test percentage somebody defect major all
#288 Remove failure notice for Attribute 190 somebody task major smartctl
#289 Intel 520 Series SSDs incorrect Power_On_Hours_and_Msec somebody defect major all
#290 New attribute format raw8/raw32 Christian Franke enhancement minor all
#293 Incomplete support for fixed format sense data somebody defect minor all
#294 what is difference between 6.1 and 5.38 somebody defect major smartctl
#301 please improve Selective Self-Tests using smartd/smartctl Christian Franke defect minor smartd
#303 In smart test captive mode, extend the timeout as described by the ATA device Christian Franke defect minor smartctl
#305 smartctl loses 1 byte from response to scsiModeSense in FreeBSD Alex Samorukov defect major all
#309 Use drive letter of Truecrypt mounted drive in Windows somebody defect minor smartctl
#311 Wiki FAQ page still points to old repository browser for drive.h Christian Franke defect minor wiki
#318 Spam somebody defect major all
#319 SMART attribute differences between Windows and Linux somebody defect major drivedb
#323 Report for Western Digital Red drive doesn't make sense somebody defect major smartctl
#327 StarTech USB SATDOCK2REU3 (Prolific PL2775 chipset) support? somebody enhancement major drivedb
#330 Smartctl support for LSI 2008 sas2 on Windows somebody enhancement minor all
#333 smartctl -i should give WWN for SATA somebody enhancement minor all
#335 WSCGI engine in track works incorrectly with URI containing spaces Alex Samorukov defect major wiki
#339 Intel 520 SSD Power On Hours not working defect major all
#340 Dell H800 Perc Smart Attributes Multiple Drives Kevin Rogers enhancement minor smartctl
#341 smartd tries to send Email even though it was not configured to do so. defect major smartd
#344 First enumerated disk in array gets strange FW version and no self-test support defect major smartctl
#347 invalid SMART checksum bug defect minor smartctl
#350 CentOS release 5.10 complains about deprecated SCSI ioctl task minor smartctl
#443 new usb bridge 0x0bc2:0xab24 defect major drivedb
#463 Add SanDisk X300s 512Gb to the drivedb Alex Samorukov enhancement minor drivedb
#466 FreeBSD 9.3: extended self-test log lifetime timestamp does not match reality defect major all
#486 smartctl tool is giving error ----- " Error Counter logging not supported Device does not support Self Test logging " while fetching the life of SSD. Dinesh Rathee defect minor smartctl
#491 Selective self-tests not logged to selective self-test log data structure on WD Green 6TB defect major smartctl
#495 Smartmontools + Intel RAIDcontroller + Powershell task major all
#507 Strange attributes on Seagate Constellation ES.3 enhancement major all
#509 Support pass-through for JMicron 322/363 enhancement minor all
#514 smartcrl question defect minor drivedb
#518 Is following "FIRMWARE IMPENDING FAILURE*" errors critical ? task trivial all
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