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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1654 Add ADATA SX8200PNP SSD to drive database please enhancement minor drivedb
#1657 Add new rule of Apacer SSDs to drivedb defect minor drivedb
#1663 Please fix the error_log on query for NVMe HPE drives (kioxia) defect major all
#1671 New Disk Kingston Data Center DC1500M enhancement minor drivedb
#1677 Unable to Ignore 'unreadable (pending) sectors' Error defect minor smartd
#1693 "SMART support is:" missing defect critical smartctl
#1697 Question on decoding temperature values from csv file task minor smartd
#1720 Western Digital SN730 SDBQNTY-1T00-1001 displaying incorrect data defect minor smartctl
#1735 Support for RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-1922MF-C32 USB to NVMe bridge (0x174c:0x2364, ASM2364) enhancement minor smartctl
#1750 Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 250GB enhancement minor drivedb
#1751 SMART Test never ending and cannot be stopped defect major smartctl
#1757 HP EX950 Nvme Drive not in database enhancement minor drivedb
#1758 Add HFS480G32FEH-BA10A (Hynix SE5031) (Dell Channel) enhancement minor drivedb
#1760 NVMe support for qnx enhancement minor all
#1769 Getting error when adding a new drive to drivedb.h defect minor drivedb
#1771 SMART db request: Seagate FireCuda HDD (0x0bc2:0x2021) enhancement minor drivedb
#1775 SK hynix's SATA drives are not in the smartctl/smartd database enhancement minor all
#1777 Device: /dev/sda, IE (SMART) not enabled, skip device, after smartctl -s on /dev/sda defect minor all
#1778 Kioxia Problems enhancement minor drivedb
#1803 NVME support defect minor all
#1805 Dell SSD HFS1T9G32FEH-BA10A Not in Database enhancement minor drivedb
#1809 SK hynix SSD not in database (HFS1T9G32FEH-BA10A) enhancement minor drivedb
#1811 Add SK hynix SE5110 to the Database (Same request as #1776) enhancement minor drivedb
#1813 smartd does not run self-tests on NVME devices enhancement minor smartd
#1816 Trac: Error when creating ticket Alex Samorukov defect minor wiki
#1819 Inquiry about new drivenb in smartmontools (smartctl) task minor all
#1824 Change the capability name of "Offline surface scan" to "Off-line Read Scanning" defect trivial smartctl
#1831 No JSON support for "Auto Offline data collection on/off support" defect minor smartctl
#1844 SanDisk UltraFit USB 3.2 Gen1 Flash Drive 32GB enhancement minor drivedb
#1854 Remove old smartmontools entries [Windows] defect minor all
#6 [regression] Unable to use /dev/disk/by-id in smartd.conf Christian Franke defect major all
#7 usb device types are not exported to the help Christian Franke defect trivial all
#9 SCSI devices are exported 2 times to smartd Alex Samorukov defect major all
#10 patch: fix FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD Alex Samorukov defect minor all
#12 smartmontools: In Self-test log, LifeTime wraps at 65536 hours somebody enhancement minor all
#14 ``Usage Attribute: 194 Temperature_Celsius'' is confusing to parse somebody enhancement minor all
#15 -d megaraid with SATA drives requires -T permissive to work somebody defect major all
#16 add support for FreeBSD 'ada' disks Alex Samorukov enhancement minor all
#17 add descriptions of attributes 188 and 184 Christian Franke enhancement trivial all
#19 smartmontools-5.38 repeatedly freeze Macbook (OS X) cooties defect major smartd
#22 smartctl segfaults on 3ware Christian Franke defect major all
#25 SCSI pass through for SMART via USB on MacOSX smartmontools? 3rd party code available! cooties enhancement minor all
#26 megaraid doest show info somebody defect major all
#33 SMART Automatic Offline Testing periodicity Dan Lukes enhancement minor all
#41 smartd: internal error in MailWarning(): cfg.mailwarn->emailfreq=0 somebody defect minor smartd
#42 Subzero temperature somebody defect trivial smartctl
#46 With two channels LSI Raid, smartctl check always the first one. Alex Samorukov defect major all
#47 strange disk count when dealing with external cciss arrays somebody defect minor smartctl
#48 cciss bug smartd/smartd with amd64 architecture somebody defect major all
#51 Spam somebody defect major smartctl
#56 Spam somebody defect trivial smartctl
#57 Spam somebody defect major smartctl
#58 Spam somebody defect major smartctl
#63 3ware support at DEVICESCAN somebody enhancement major smartd
#68 QNX Support somebody defect major all
#72 XML-Output somebody enhancement minor smartctl
#73 filename for save should include SerialNumber and time somebody enhancement trivial smartd
#74 filename for save should include SerialNumber and time somebody enhancement trivial all
#76 DEVICESCAN smartd not working on opensolaris snv_134 somebody defect minor smartd
#77 smartd to include fma on opensolaris somebody enhancement minor smartd
#79 smartd opensolaris service defination somebody patch minor smartd
#82 danger of high Load_Cycle_Count and WD 'Intelli-park' self-destruction "feature" somebody enhancement minor smartd
#84 Charts of various SMART attributes, scripts included somebody enhancement major all
#92 smartd does not support SATA disk under cciss somebody defect major all
#96 St34342A Support?! somebody enhancement major all
#98 Error SMART Status command failed somebody defect minor all
#100 please make smart module for lm_sensors somebody enhancement trivial all
#121 smartd fails to report disk failure if a disk doesn't respond anymore Christian Franke defect major smartd
#129 209480318976 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors somebody defect minor all
#133 add support for Micron Technology USB SSD please somebody enhancement major all
#134 smartctrl will not detect USB Hub D-Link DUB-H7 Christian Franke enhancement minor drivedb
#137 Freeze with Intel X18-M/X25-M/X25-V G2 SSDs somebody defect minor all
#138 -V and --version don't report the version somebody defect minor smartctl
#139 smartctl can not modify CCTL ( TLER equivalent) on Hitachi UltraStar on LSI 1068 SAS controller. somebody defect major all
#140 INQUIRY failed on LSI MegaRaid adapter somebody defect major all
#152 Sometimes smartd does not complaints about errors by email somebody defect major smartd
#155 Error SMART Status command failed somebody defect major all
#157 More improvements on Sandforce-based disks. Christian Franke enhancement minor drivedb
#160 trivial: switch CL CH to CH CL somebody enhancement trivial all
#161 sas disks connected to 3ware sas controllers support somebody enhancement major all
#162 SMART Status command failed error somebody defect major all
#163 Error happened when run smartctl -a /dev/sdb command somebody defect major all
#164 Attribute table: re-arrange columns placing TYPE after NAME help to clarify meaning somebody enhancement minor smartctl
#172 Windows XP x64 smartctl support for 3ware Christian Franke enhancement minor all
#176 SATA drive in an external USB connect enclosure somebody defect major all
#177 Workaround for broken I/O-control of silicon-image 3114 windows driver Christian Franke enhancement minor all
#181 Print WWN of SCSI devices somebody enhancement minor all
#188 Interrupted (host rest) somebody defect critical all
#190 request to provide source code somebody enhancement major smartctl
#196 Spam somebody defect major all
#197 LSI megaraid INQUIRY failed Alex Samorukov defect major smartctl
#204 Illegal request CDBs submit to some models of Fujitsu SCSI disks somebody defect major all
#208 LSI 2018 MegaRaid INQUIRY failed somebody defect major all
#210 Can't enable SMART on WD20EARS-00MVWB0 somebody defect major all
#213 did not find smartmontools script somebody defect trivial all
#216 xerror NUM incorrect minor number printed somebody defect major all
#217 Add phpBB to Hosted Apps! somebody enhancement minor all
#219 regression: segfault on arm since 5.39 somebody defect minor smartctl
#226 SCSI passthrough on OS X somebody enhancement major all
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