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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1195 Incorrect time of self-test defect minor smartctl
#1197 Verification failed when updating drivedb enhancement minor all
#1203 Update Apacer SMART Feature patch minor drivedb
#1204 Device addition: PQI SSD S525 enhancement minor drivedb
#1205 Whey the command "/smartctl -i -l selftest -l error -H -t short" returnned "Log Structure revision number 0"? task minor smartctl
#1207 WD Red 6TB - WDC WD60EFAX-68SHWN0 reports wrong self-test polling time recommendation defect minor smartctl
#1210 Why was the script unable to run the short test at 7am o'clock? task minor smartctl
#1211 I can not start smartd on my machine (SUSE SLES12-SP3) defect minor smartd
#1215 smartctl selects the wrong NVMe device defect major all
#1219 A few SMART SSD default parameters additions (170-174) patch minor drivedb
#1220 smartctl tests are not logged for SanDisk SDSSDA240G drive defect minor smartctl
#1224 Add support for NVMe 1.3 Device Self-tests enhancement minor all
#1233 smartctl exit code 4. "scsiPrintFormatStatus: Failed" in -a output defect minor smartctl
#1237 segfault issues after upgrading to 7.0-1 defect major smartctl
#1241 BUG: Dead ssd during Extended test (KingDian S200) defect critical all
#1242 Only one NVMe device is examined under Windows (Intel VMD NVMe RAID) enhancement minor all
#1247 LVM on M.2 errors in smartctl defect minor smartctl
#1248 smartd fails to start when no disks are present defect minor smartd
#1250 Checkout from trunk does not build due to missing header files defect minor all
#1254 Corsair MP600 1TB enhancement minor drivedb
#1259 Samsung-SSD-970-PRO(NVMe) enhancement minor drivedb
#1265 sample ticket defect minor all
#1266 Server migration - progress tracking Alex Samorukov task major wiki
#1268 Configure mailgun as trac SMTP server Alex Samorukov task major wiki
#1271 Windows 2012 R2 NVMe support (stornvme.sys) enhancement major all
#1275 INTEL SSDSC2BF180A5L: Self-tests always abort immediately defect minor all
#1279 update-smart-drivedb: Older releases return *** BAD signature *** defect major drivedb
#1285 Smartctl on Sandforce OCZ-VERTEX3 appears to decode xselftest log badly defect major smartctl
#1288 Could not add entry to USB page defect minor wiki
#1305 Sony 660p (INTEL SSDPEKNW512G8) enhancement minor drivedb
#1306 DataError when trying to edit Wiki defect minor wiki
#1309 Smartmontools Audible Warning enhancement minor smartd
#1312 seagate usb3 8TB drive (0x0bc2:0x3343) defect minor all
#1319 SATA drives in SIIG 3.0 gbps 2 drive enclosure reports error. defect minor all
#1328 Misleading/ unprecises error message enhancement minor all
#1330 Device not yet supported: SEAGATE Expansion Desktop, 6.0TB (STEB6000403) defect minor all
#1333 NVMe Support for SMART reporting on VMware vSphere ESXi enhancement minor all
#1334 add Windows Support for LSI/Broadcom RAID Controllers enhancement minor all
#1339 smartctl -n standby wakes WD USB drive defect minor all
#1343 Please add : Smartbuy PS5013-2280T enhancement minor drivedb
#1344 Seagate BUP Portable defect minor all
#1345 Receive smartctl error msg whenever I startup my Windows laptop defect minor smartctl
#1352 Vantec-SATA-IDE-Adapter-CB-ISA225-U3-Innostor Technology Corporation defect minor all
#1367 Split code into common interface library binary, and smartd + smartctl binaries enhancement minor all
#1382 SAMSUNG MZVLQ512HALU-00000 enhancement minor drivedb
#1387 Add to DB: Unknown Device LITEON CA3-8D512 enhancement minor drivedb
#1395 USB-connected 14tb WDC WD140EDFZ-11A0VA0 enhancement minor drivedb
#1397 Don't report ATA attribute failure if value is equal to threshold Christian Franke defect minor all
#1418 Self-test log life time resets after a certain Power_On_Hours value defect minor smartctl
#1419 Upgrade website to use Trac 1.6/Python3 Alex Samorukov task minor wiki
#1425 Device not in database: Seagate BarraCuda 120 SSD ZA1000CM10003 enhancement minor drivedb
#1434 NMVe SMART/Health Critical Warning Bit 3 (0x4) not necessary an error defect minor all
#1437 Wording: ATA Error Count, Device Error Count enhancement minor smartctl
#1438 Harddisk is not in the smart database (FUJITSU MBA3073RC) enhancement minor drivedb
#1446 Haiku Support enhancement minor all
#1447 Unknown USB bridge [0x1058:0x264d (0x3012)] defect minor all
#1453 Short offline self test failed [unsupported scsi opcode] defect minor all
#1463 Samsung NVME Power on Hours: - space between the digits of the value defect minor smartctl
#1464 NVMe drives in database? (Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 500GB) enhancement minor drivedb
#1468 Seagate Backup Plus Portable 0x0bc2-0xac26 enhancement minor drivedb
#1473 Read NVMe Identify Controller failed: IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT failed, Error=87 defect minor all
#1476 WD80EFAX-68LHPN0 drive permanently shows ATA Error task minor smartctl
#1479 Add support for Realtek RTL9210B USB to SATA bridge enhancement minor all
#1481 Spam defect minor all
#1482 Spam defect minor all
#1483 Spam defect minor all
#1487 InnoStor IS611-based adapter errors -- what version firmware should be installed enhancement minor smartctl
#1492 WDC WD120EDAZ enhancement minor drivedb
#1498 SAS SSD disks: Defect list not found and Recovered Error message defect major smartctl
#1501 Buffer I/O error logical block async page read (TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100) defect major all
#1508 MKNSSDS2500GB defect minor all
#1513 Seagate IronWolf ST6000VN001-2BB186 attribute 1 raw value enhancement minor drivedb
#1516 hp array (CCISS) support for windows enhancement minor all
#1521 Wearout not correct Transcend TS512GMTE220S defect minor smartctl
#1522 Long test never completes on Western Digital Blue Mobile WDC WD20SPZX-60UA7T0 defect minor all
#1528 addition to database for smartctl-Samsung-SSD980PRO enhancement minor drivedb
#1538 smartd gets confused about which drive is reporting temperature changes? defect minor smartd
#1553 New drive- Micron 1300 enhancement minor drivedb
#1560 WDC WD100EDAZ-11F3RA0 enhancement minor drivedb
#1561 smartctl no longer detects /dev/sdb and /dev/sdd temperatures defect minor smartctl
#1566 New drive: Seagate ST18000NM000J-2TV103 enhancement minor drivedb
#1572 smartmontools 7.2: mailer call in wrong way defect minor smartd
#1578 improve Supported_RAID-Controllers (-d cciss) enhancement minor wiki
#1581 smartctl never completes when all information is requested from a 4K Native WD drive over USB defect minor smartctl
#1591 -H returns an error for an otherwise healthy drive defect minor smartctl
#1602 WDS200T1X0E-00AFY0 enhancement minor drivedb
#1607 Bug with Seagate BarraCuda 3.5 (SMR) ST8000DM004-2U9188 on amd64 defect major smartctl
#1612 Change JMicron JM20337/8 device type to sat enhancement minor drivedb
#1619 Seagate Expansion 12 TB HDD - STKP12000400 - 0bc2:2038 defect minor all
#1622 Get SMART attributes by id defect minor smartctl
#1627 Incorrect SMART attribute label for Crucial SSDs - displayed as opposite of true meaning defect minor drivedb
#1628 Add to drivedb: MSI SPATIUM M470 enhancement minor drivedb
#1632 smartd & json enhancement minor smartd
#1634 Please add Seagate Expansion Portable Drive SRD0NF1 3EEAP9-500 [0x0bc2:0x2037] defect minor all
#1637 KINGSTON SKC600M : "-l error" returns Invalid Error Log index defect minor smartctl
#1638 Spam defect minor all
#1644 SMART Status not supported: Incomplete response, ATA output registers missing (CCISS) defect minor all
#1646 segmentation fault under linux ia64 defect minor smartctl
#1652 Support for CCISS (HP/Compaq Smart Array Controller) in Windows enhancement minor all
#1654 Add ADATA SX8200PNP SSD to drive database please enhancement minor drivedb
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