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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#629 Intel SSD DC S3500 detected as SATA 2.6 compliant defect minor all
#630 how to configure amazon aws mail server to send smartd alerts defect minor all
#633 Bad Block Instructions - mdadm Alex Samorukov enhancement minor all
#634 Do not operate on drives which are security locked by password enhancement minor all
#639 Problem on reading news WDC WD10 Red HDD defect major all
#641 kingston ssd uv300 Runtime_Bad_Block defect major smartctl
#646 Add Seagate ST2000VN000-1HJ164 to the drivedb enhancement minor drivedb
#658 Many (long) HDD default timeouts cause data loss or corruption (silent controller resets) enhancement minor smartctl
#663 Some of the Kingston SSD drives based on the phison chipset are wrongly added as Sandforce chipset defect minor drivedb
#666 Add Kingston HyperX to database enhancement minor drivedb
#675 Disable tler through usb3.0-sata enclosure? defect major all
#676 USB enclosure (Asmedia 5311E) failed with -d sat what now? defect major all
#680 "LifeTime(hours)" wrap around in SMART's self-test log enhancement minor smartctl
#682 Documentation wikipage link wrong Christian Franke defect minor wiki
#684 outdated "sending report about your drive" link target on page defect trivial wiki
#685 "How to create bug report" FAQ mentions sourceforge account defect trivial wiki
#693 [wiki] FR: LiveCDs page update enhancement trivial wiki
#694 about the smartmontools command to fetch the NVMe SSD info under Windows. defect major all
#701 Smartd not sending email defect minor smartd
#702 Support LSi 9260 Raid Card on Windows enhancement minor all
#709 Dead links on wiki: should be not Christian Franke patch minor wiki
#710 Trac update-smart-drivedb inverse logic typo defect major all
#727 smartctl hangs with Areca 1883 defect major smartctl
#729 os_openbsd.cpp: Add NVMe support for OpenBSD enhancement minor all
#735 "smartctl -o on sdX" disables spindown defect minor all
#740 Support Dell Perc 6/i and Dell Perc H710 on Windows enhancement minor all
#743 InnoDisk Satadom i100 enhancement minor drivedb
#748 scan_smart_devices: glob(3) aborted matching pattern /dev/discs/disc enhancement major all
#749 [PATCH] ataprint.cpp Print missing the Valid Value bit in ACS-3 Device Statistics Flags patch major smartctl
#753 LITEONIT LSS-24L6G Database Submission enhancement minor drivedb
#755 USB enclosures to add to list enhancement minor wiki
#768 Confusing unit used on SAMSUNG MZ7LN512HCHP defect minor drivedb
#769 TOSHIBA PX04SRB384 rev AM04 defect major drivedb
#770 [Future Req./Bug] using smartctl in SMSC Buffalo USB Ext-HDD doesn't work enhancement minor drivedb
#774 Add machine-readable output formating enhancement minor smartctl
#776 Self-test log differences between "-a" and "-x" options defect major smartctl
#777 Not in databse: HP MB4000GCWLV enhancement minor drivedb
#781 smartctl for OCZ-AGILITY3 incorrectly reporting temperature of 128C defect minor all
#788 Add temperature raw value in syslog, only log if normalized "health" value is below 100% Christian Franke task minor all
#793 SMART error (FailedReadSmartSelfTestLog) detected on host: xxx defect major all
#795 Why can't smartmontools disable SMART check? defect blocker smartctl
#800 "can't get bus number" issue with MegaRAID on ESXi enhancement major all
#811 Replace -d scsi by -d sat, due to "no SMART info" by -d scsi, when use smartctl --scan defect minor smartctl
#813 Add Kingston DC1000 SSD to smartdb enhancement minor drivedb
#828 Add drive to smartctl database - PM951 NVMe SAMSUNG 256GB enhancement minor drivedb
#829 Add drive to smartctl database - PC300 NVMe SK hynix 256GB enhancement minor drivedb
#836 SanDisk SDSSDP064G: Bogus Power_On_Hours raw value enhancement minor all
#843 Upgrade trac to the v 1.2 samm task minor wiki
#849 TS64GSSD370S - problems with self-tests defect minor smartctl
#850 how to setup disk failure alerts notification to email in centos 7.3 enhancement minor smartd
#854 drivedb.h parser ignores lines with // comments defect major drivedb
#856 PERC 5/i and PERC 6 HDD SMART reading enhancement minor all
#867 Missing from DB - Seagate ST4000NM0023 enhancement trivial drivedb
#868 Missing from DB - Seagate ST8000NM0065 enhancement trivial drivedb
#877 Workaround for supporting SATADOM enhancement minor smartctl
#878 New WDC WD2500AVVS shows some non-zero attributes defect minor smartctl
#903 add to drivedb: SAMSUNG PM871b Christian Franke enhancement minor drivedb
#916 Adding --json command line option enhancement minor smartctl
#918 Bugtracker doesn't show my tickets defect minor wiki
#925 creating test ticket to test new trac version defect minor all
#944 WD Hard Drive smartd[484]: Device: /dev/sda [SAT], SMART Usage Attribute: 194 Temperature_Celsius changed from 102 to 100 defect minor smartd
#947 Windows 10 To Go: IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY(NVMe) failed, Error=1117 defect minor all
#950 add to drivedb: HGST-SSD1600MM enhancement minor drivedb
#957 add to drivedb: ST6000NM0095 enhancement minor drivedb
#966 JMicron bridge JMS56x series (152d:0562) not supported Christian Franke enhancement minor drivedb
#971 No SMART access to Seagate devices under Linux if UAS is used defect minor all
#1006 addition of Seagate ST4000NM0095 to drivedb enhancement minor all
#1008 JMicron 152d:0539 always run smart check only over the first disk defect minor all
#1009 Please add to the Smartmontools Database enhancement minor drivedb
#1013 -M exec overrides -M <others> defect major smartd
#1014 smartd doesn't notice newly added devices afters start enhancement major smartd
#1016 let smartd check a device (to be monitored) shortly after it's attached enhancement minor smartd
#1017 make smartd usable as temperature monitor / replace hddtemp enhancement major smartd
#1019 allow for shorter check intervals (and perhaps use them per default) enhancement trivial smartd
#1027 Establish standard generic method of defining vendor unique NVMe statistics enhancement minor all
#1028 NVMe support for admin or nvme commands enhancement major all
#1044 Syntax error using smartctl defect minor smartctl
#1054 Unknown USB bridge 0x26bd:0x9917 enhancement minor all
#1056 2 KiB too large "User Capacity" reported for Toshiba MQ03UBB300 defect minor smartctl
#1063 smartd_mailer.ps1 does not work defect minor smartd
#1064 RFE: add O_RDRW mode for sat/scsi/ata devices enhancement minor all
#1068 Samsung SSD 860 PRO not in Database enhancement minor drivedb
#1069 Maxtor M3 Portable 4TB defect minor all
#1078 smart not supported on external hdd maxtor m3 ? defect minor all
#1080 smartd.service: Use Type=forking to wait for successful initialisation defect minor smartd
#1092 Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8 TB defect minor all
#1101 ADATA SP580 enhancement minor drivedb
#1102 Add SSD Samsung 860 Pro 256GB in smartcl database enhancement minor drivedb
#1103 Add SSD Samsung 860 Pro 512GB in smartcl database enhancement minor drivedb
#1104 Add SSD Samsung 860 Pro 1TB in smartcl database enhancement minor drivedb
#1125 drivedb.h not up to date when smartmontools is downloaded enhancement minor all
#1127 -l selftest should display current power on/lifetime hours enhancement minor smartctl
#1132 attrlog files contains attribute strings for SCSI disks, but attribute numbers for ATA disks defect minor smartd
#1153 Command timeout occurred when I used the command "smartctl -C -t short" on HDD test defect critical smartctl
#1156 Add more prominent warning if SMART features are disabled/impaired enhancement minor smartctl
#1164 Incorrect value in SMART attribute 190 when using JSON output defect minor smartctl
#1167 wrong temperature in smartd but correct in smartctl defect minor smartd
#1171 KINGSTON SKC1000480G enhancement minor drivedb
#1184 Can't show RPM of HD without run cmd as admin defect minor smartctl
#1186 Under CentOS 7.5, smartctl fails to read SMART data on changed drive behind MegaRAID defect minor all
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