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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#220 --set options for smartd somebody enhancement major Release 5.43 smartd
#229 improve smartd reporting somebody enhancement minor smartd
#248 SSD disks wrong monitoring somebody defect major smartd
#256 Windows Event log missing log source somebody enhancement minor Release 6.1 smartd
#266 Warnings os_darwin.cpp: -Wself-assign Christian Franke patch minor Release 6.2 smartd
#301 please improve Selective Self-Tests using smartd/smartctl Christian Franke defect minor smartd
#310 Support staggering of drive tests Christian Franke enhancement major Release 7.2 smartd
#313 /dev/disk/by-id in smartd.conf ignored Christian Franke enhancement major Release 6.6 smartd
#316 improvements for the systemd service file Christian Franke enhancement minor Release 6.3 smartd
#336 Different check intervals for different devices Christian Franke enhancement major Release 7.3 smartd
#341 smartd tries to send Email even though it was not configured to do so. defect major smartd
#523 clarify "--capabilities" option to distinguish from SMART capabilities Christian Franke enhancement trivial Release 6.4 smartd
#539 email notify when №5 and №188 attr non-zero enhancement minor smartd
#540 smartd config option to monitor only boot drive enhancement minor smartd
#598 Windows hangs after smartd is started defect major smartd
#701 Smartd not sending email defect minor smartd
#731 Send warning mails via PowerShell script under MS-Windows Christian Franke enhancement minor Release 6.6 smartd
#817 Smard : Failed to read Temperature Christian Franke defect minor Release 6.6 smartd
#850 how to setup disk failure alerts notification to email in centos 7.3 enhancement minor smartd
#944 WD Hard Drive smartd[484]: Device: /dev/sda [SAT], SMART Usage Attribute: 194 Temperature_Celsius changed from 102 to 100 defect minor smartd
#1013 -M exec overrides -M <others> defect major smartd
#1014 smartd doesn't notice newly added devices afters start enhancement major smartd
#1015 smartd double monitors devices when using symlinks to devices enhancement minor Release 6.6 smartd
#1016 let smartd check a device (to be monitored) shortly after it's attached enhancement minor smartd
#1017 make smartd usable as temperature monitor / replace hddtemp enhancement major smartd
#1018 allow for constant re-sending of warnings Christian Franke enhancement minor Release 7.4 smartd
#1019 allow for shorter check intervals (and perhaps use them per default) enhancement trivial smartd
#1063 smartd_mailer.ps1 does not work defect minor smartd
#1080 smartd.service: Use Type=forking to wait for successful initialisation defect minor smartd
#1081 smartd.service: Add support for Type=notify Christian Franke enhancement minor Release 7.0 smartd
#1132 attrlog files contains attribute strings for SCSI disks, but attribute numbers for ATA disks defect minor smartd
#1138 Typo in / smartmontools / Christian Franke defect trivial Release 7.0 smartd
#1167 wrong temperature in smartd but correct in smartctl defect minor smartd
#1211 I can not start smartd on my machine (SUSE SLES12-SP3) defect minor smartd
#1217 Buffer length for message is not enough on macOS patch minor Release 7.1 smartd
#1222 Smartd should ignore non-error entries from NVMe Error Information log Christian Franke enhancement minor Release 7.4 smartd
#1248 smartd fails to start when no disks are present defect minor smartd
#1309 Smartmontools Audible Warning enhancement minor smartd
#1390 -d ignore doesn't work if target is a symbolic link to a device Christian Franke defect minor Release 7.2 smartd
#1454 Mail is only sent one recipient from the -m list, not counting plugins (smartd), the last one. Christian Franke defect major Release 7.3 smartd
#1535 Code execution vulnerability if smartd uses 'mail' from GNU mailutils < 3.13 Christian Franke defect critical Release 7.3 smartd
#1538 smartd gets confused about which drive is reporting temperature changes? defect minor smartd
#1572 smartmontools 7.2: mailer call in wrong way defect minor smartd
#1632 smartd & json enhancement minor smartd
#1677 Unable to Ignore 'unreadable (pending) sectors' Error defect minor smartd
#1697 Question on decoding temperature values from csv file task minor smartd
#1722 error_log on Seagate FireCuda 510 NVMe (Debian 11 and 12) enhancement minor Release 7.4 smartd
#1813 smartd does not run self-tests on NVME devices enhancement minor smartd
#311 Wiki FAQ page still points to old repository browser for drive.h Christian Franke defect minor wiki
#335 WSCGI engine in track works incorrectly with URI containing spaces Alex Samorukov defect major wiki
#682 Documentation wikipage link wrong Christian Franke defect minor wiki
#684 outdated "sending report about your drive" link target on page defect trivial wiki
#685 "How to create bug report" FAQ mentions sourceforge account defect trivial wiki
#693 [wiki] FR: LiveCDs page update enhancement trivial wiki
#709 Dead links on wiki: should be not Christian Franke patch minor wiki
#755 USB enclosures to add to list enhancement minor wiki
#843 Upgrade trac to the v 1.2 samm task minor wiki
#918 Bugtracker doesn't show my tickets defect minor wiki
#1266 Server migration - progress tracking Alex Samorukov task major wiki
#1268 Configure mailgun as trac SMTP server Alex Samorukov task major wiki
#1288 Could not add entry to USB page defect minor wiki
#1306 DataError when trying to edit Wiki defect minor wiki
#1419 Upgrade website to use Trac 1.6/Python3 Alex Samorukov task minor wiki
#1578 improve Supported_RAID-Controllers (-d cciss) enhancement minor wiki
#1816 Trac: Error when creating ticket Alex Samorukov defect minor wiki
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