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#1311 fixed Crucial MX500 firmware M3CR010 also returns bogus attribute 197 Christian Franke sersorrel

#1227 prompted attribute 197 to be ignored for some Crucial MX500 drives, but not mine, despite mine exhibiting the same broken behaviour of an oscillating pending sector count.

The model number of my drive is CT1000MX500SSD1, and it has firmware M3CR010. Currently the drivedb only ignores the attribute for firmwares matching M3CR02[0-3].

#1309 worksforme Smartmontools Audible Warning djevlen


How to configure smartmontools to give audible warnings from onboard system speaker when hdd is about to fail or S.M.A.R.T. is logging errors ?

OS : Debian 10 buster

All other forums only discuss how to send email when something is wrong... Im not interested in emails...Server is at home and so am i... Audible warning will draw my attention must faster.

Is there any chance of implementing such feature ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

#1308 fixed Missing drive WDC_WD120EMAZ-11BLFA0 Christian Franke Davidspek

This is a White Label 12TB Helium drive from a WD Elements external drive. Following the naming scheme of the 10TB version (WDC HGST Ultrastar He10), I believe this drive would be named WDC HGST Ultrastar He12.

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