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#1596 fixed Add hard drive to drivedb: Mushkin MKNSSDTR128GB-3DL Christian Franke MVS

I have a Mushkin Triactor 3D SSD drive that is very similar to the drives added in #905, and I would like to add it to the drivedb. The attributes seem to line up with the ones for those drives.

#1594 fixed Enhance LBA range for jmb39x and jms56x device types Christian Franke Alois


I recently bought jmicron controllers to put away some duplication load (for mdraid level 1) from the system to those controllers. I have one jmb56x and two jmb39x attached, smart readings work well besides one thing which makes me stomachache: I need to force on one of them for a sector as its boot record is stored there.

with "hdparm --read-sector" I searched for a free one on this device and could not find one in the range of 33 <= LBA <= 62

Is there a specific reason why it is limited to this range? My partiton tables start at 2048, so there would be much sectors before which are free (and zero-filled). I tried with jmraidcon implementation, as I do not know how to e.g. mask 2047 in the command {READ_CMD, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x21, 0x00, 0x00, 0x01, 0x00}; I just swapped 0x21 with 0xfe - LBA sector 254 which is also zero-filled on this device and it succeeds as well with this, so I assume the limited range is not caused by the JMicron controller not accepting the commands there?

I read all sectors until 2048 and from sector 105 starting they are all zero-filled (attached the txt of the affected drive). I would prefer to avoid always overwriting and restoring parts of my bootrecord, but as I am not sure why the limit is currently implemented this way, I would like to clarify this first. :-)

Thank you so much!

Best regards Alois

#1592 fixed add to drivedb: ST4000NM0245-1Z2107 Gabriele Pohl Gabriele Pohl

Conrad Kostecki reported via database mailing list:

I would like to add 'ST4000NM0245-1Z2107' to the database.

--- a/drivedb.h
+++ b/drivedb.h
@@ -4334,7 +4334,7 @@
       // ST1000NM0055-1V410C/TN02
       // ST8000NM0055-1RM112/SN04
       // ST10000NM0156-2AA111/SS05
-    "ST([1234568]|10)000NM0[01][0-68][456]-.*", // *[069]4 = 4Kn
+    "ST([1234568]|10)000NM0[012][0-68][456]-.*", // *[069]4 = 4Kn
     "", "",
     "-v 200,raw48,Pressure_Limit "
     "-v 188,raw16 -v 240,msec24hour32"
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