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#1083 fixed Add scsi percentage used endurance indicator json value Christian Franke Rick Chen

scsiprint.cpp: Add scsi percentage used endurance indicator json value

#45 fixed Add smartd '--capabilities' option Christian Franke Christian Franke

Debian and Fedora version of smartd provide a '-C, --capabilities' option. If libcap-ng is available and this option is specified, smartd drops unnecessary POSIX capabilities.

Debian patch:

But the current version of the above patch introduces a regression, see ticket #41 and

This should be fixed before we apply this patch.

#954 fixed Add support for ADATA SU800 SSDs (128GB, Firmware Q0913A) Christian Franke Georgi D. Sotirov

Please, add ADATA SU800 SSD devices to smartdb. Capacities are between 128GB and 1TB. Specifications are at ADATA SMART attributes are described in

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