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#40 fixed smartctl --test when a test is already running causes it to abort Christian Franke Giuseppe Iuculano


I'm forwarding a bug reported by a Debian user.

smartctl can be used to execute a test on a drive already running another test. In my case, I ran a short test on a drive already running a long test. I was not aware that SMART could only handle 1 test at a time. Apparently, SMART can't resume aborted tests.

smartctl's behavior in this case seems to be to execute the newly requested test without caring about the already one. The worst problem with this is loss of time, as in my scenario. I see two options: running the newly requested test after the currently running one is finished, or prompt for what to do.

#158 fixed smartctl --attributes output should fit within 80 columns Christian Franke jorvang

Most terminal emulators default to 80 columns, so smartctl -A should default to producing output that fits within that width.

#514 invalid smartcrl question Ming

Hi, I'm a SSD Manufacturer,If we want provide user that our products can support smartcrl under the linux OS. How can I do? Do you have any certificates we can join?

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