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#466 invalid FreeBSD 9.3: extended self-test log lifetime timestamp does not match reality Jeremy Chadwick

At some point in time (I'm not sure when), it looks like either smartmontools or FreeBSD (I'm not sure which) appears to have begun using the wrong time when doing self-tests.

More precisely: when a self-test is run (ex. smartctl -t short /dev/ada0), the completion time as shown in the SMART self-test log is extremely distant/far off compared to attribute 9 Power_On_Hours.

This problem is reproducible across multiple drive models (Samsung SSD 840 EVO, WD3003FZEX, WD1003FZEX).

I cannot reproduce this problem on Windows XP Pro SP3 (32-bit) using smartmontools 6.3.

I'll provide some hard data, including -r ataioctl,2 output, from multiple drives on a system, and show actual proof of this problem.

I keep going back and forth trying to figure out if this is a smartmontools bug or a FreeBSD CAM/kernel bug (and if it's the latter, it manifests itself in an extremely bizarre way).

Rolling back to smartmontools 6.2 does not fix the problem.

#491 invalid Selective self-tests not logged to selective self-test log data structure on WD Green 6TB Martin Schröder

Hi, I have a Western Digital WD Green 6TB, SATA 6Gb/s (WD60EZRX).

But selective self tests are not logged to the selective self-test log data structure.

Output of smartctl -x is attached.

#495 invalid Smartmontools + Intel RAIDcontroller + Powershell MGctl


When I execute smartctl.exe -A /dev/csmi0,1 in Windows CMD i get the right information about my disk behind an Intel RAID Controller.

When I execute smartctl -A /dev/csmi0,1 in Windows Powershell it says, you have provided 2 device names: /dev/csmi0 and 1. How is this possible?

Kind Regards,


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