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#1361 fixed add to drivedb: Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000/4000 (HUA723020ALA640/HUS724030ALA640) Christian Franke Gabriele Pohl

Alistair Wilson reported via database mailing list:

Device Model - HUA723020ALA640

Radomír Palovský reported via database mailing list:

Device Model: HUS724030ALA640

#1360 fixed Drive not in database: OCZ-OCTANE Christian Franke asomers

OCZ-OCTANE is not in the SMART database. This is an SSD that comes in multiple capacities, but apparently all versions share the same model number. Report attached.

#1359 fixed Add to database: SMARTBUY IGNITION PLUS Christian Franke Hanabishi

Smartbuy SSD series based on Phison PS3111-S11. Some smart attributes seems to be interpreted incorrect, e.g. attr 231 is obviously represents temperature in Fahrenheit. Also seems like SSD does not report read/write/lifetime attributes at all.

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