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#1769 invalid Getting error when adding a new drive to drivedb.h Cassiano.Silva


I added a new drive to the drivedb.h file, similarly to another drive we already have in that file. When I try to run smartctl I get following error message: Syntax error in preset option string.

As I mentioned, it's similar to another drive we already had in the file, but the error appears. Is it actually possible to add a new drive to the drivedb.h file and run it in the same folder?

Thanks, Cassiano

#1760 wontfix NVMe support for qnx Navaneeth N

Smartmontools does not support NVMe devices on QNX as per the NVMe wiki page. Is there any enhancement planned to extend existing support to NMVe SSDs?

#1757 invalid HP EX950 Nvme Drive not in database Alan Knepper

Submitting output of smartctl -x /dev/nvme0n1

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