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#1691 duplicate Toshiba Performance X300 8TB HDWF180 jameshilliard

#1680 fixed Patch to add HP Personal Media Drive Christian Franke Cmdr_Zod

I just realized that this device is not in the drivedb.h (it is listed in Supported_USB-Devices). The following patch has been tested against an actual device:

--- drivedb.h.5417      2022-12-28 19:17:19.338336183 +0100
+++ drivedb.h   2022-12-28 19:21:07.052238042 +0100
@@ -5121,6 +5121,12 @@
     "-d sat,12" // ATA output registers missing
   // Hewlett-Packard
+  { "USB: HP Personal Media Drive; ",
+    "0x03f0:0x070c",
+    "",
+    "",
+    "-d usbsunplus"
+  },
   { "USB: HP Desktop HD BD07; ", // 2TB
#1677 worksforme Unable to Ignore 'unreadable (pending) sectors' Error seanfulton

I have many, many machines running SSDs and they periodicaly generate errors like this:

Device: /dev/sdc [SAT], 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors

The SSDs tend to reman these failures because they will go away over time. But how to I stop smartd from e-mailing these alerts. Because of the number of machines we have, we can get up to 100 e-mails a day. It makes it difficult to weed out more serious errors.

I have tried the following: DEVICESCAN -I 197 -m gcn-alerts@… -M exec /usr/libexec/smartmontools/smartdnotify -n standby,10,q


DEVICESCAN -m gcn-alerts@… -M exec /usr/libexec/smartmontools/smartdnotify -n standby,10,q -t -I 197

But the e-mails keep coming. Any idea how to get rid of errors for type 197 failures?

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