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#1080 wontfix smartd.service: Use Type=forking to wait for successful initialisation Christian Franke

From Debian Bug 865912:

Forking to the background (Type=forking) is the recommended way to signal to systemd that a daemon has initialized successfully and is ready for operation; at least for daemons without explicit systemd support (Type=notify).

In this particular case, "systemd restart smartd" will give immediate feedback of a failure if the user makes a mistake in /etc/smartd.conf.

Proposed patch:


    8 ExecStart=/usr/local/sbin/smartd -n $smartd_opts
     9ExecStart=/usr/local/sbin/smartd $smartd_opts
    910ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID
#1081 fixed smartd.service: Add support for Type=notify Christian Franke Christian Franke

Add support to notify systemd about success/failure of smartd startup via sd_notify(3).

For example:

  // On success:
  sd_notifyf(0, "READY=1\n"
    "STATUS=Monitoring %d ATA/SATA, %d SCSI/SAS and %d NVMe devices\n"
    "MAINPID=%lu", ... );

  // On failure:
  sd_notifyf(0, "STATUS=Error in configuration file");

See also ticket #1080.

#341 worksforme smartd tries to send Email even though it was not configured to do so. a_user


I am using smartmontools/smartd 6.2 on Fedora 20. My smartd.conf file looks like this (all other lines are just empty or comments):

DEFAULT -H -s S/../../1/20 -p -f -l error -l xerror -n standby,q /dev/sda -i 197 -i 198 -W 5,32,38 -s L/../01/./21 DEVICESCAN -W 10,37,42

smartd itself is started by systemd with this command line:

/usr/sbin/smartd -n -q never

I have 4 different disks attached to this computer (/dev/sda, /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, /dev/sdd). At the time /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc got hotter than 37 degree Celsius smartd tried to start /usr/bin/esmtp to send an email. I didn't configure smartd to send any email (not using the -m or -M options). Am I missing something or does smartd behave wrong?

Additional info: although /dev/sdd has some uncorrectable sectors it is only logged to syslog, not to mail (as expected/configured). Seems like just the last line is incorrectly interpreted.

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