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#831 fixed FoxLine flssd240x4se is not in database Mikhail

Drive is FoxLine? SSD, model flssd240x4se

#142 duplicate update-smart-drivedb does not work on FreeBSD (+ solution) somebody wesha

/usr/local/sbin > ./update-smart-drivedb ./update-smart-drivedb~: syntax error in version number: 5.40

Problem: SED somehow fails to understand "?" metacharacter:

BRANCH="`echo $VERSION | sed -n 's|\([0-9][0-9]*\)\.\([0-9][0-9]* \)\([0-9].*\)\?$|RELEASE_\1_\2_DRIVEDB|p'`"

Solution: be explicit:

BRANCH="echo $VERSION | sed -n 's|^\([0-9][0-9]*\)\.\([0-9][0-9]*\)\([^0-9].*\)\{0,1\}$|RELEASE_\1_\2_DRIVEDB|p'"

#310 fixed Support staggering of drive tests Christian Franke weedy2887

On the mailing list a best practise thread popped up asking about test cycles which brought us to DEVICESCAN and the staggering of these tests when you have many (4+) drives in a box.

A: If a user feeds something like "(O/../../(7|3)/00|S/../.././12|L/../../6/03|C/../../7/03)" to DEVICESCAN it should use best effort to not send that command to every drive at once. It should probably assume something like +30% of a drives reported test runtime before triggering another drive. OR maybe the schedule is in "every X days" and not "sun-sat" calendar weeks per say.

B: A sane default (one short test per day, one/two long test per week, one offline per week/month?) to be added commented of course to the default config file.

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