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#1063 worksforme smartd_mailer.ps1 does not work Mateus Henrique

Hi all.

Firstly, thx for this great software contribuition. I'm having problems with experimental email sender feature of Windows version (PowerShell?). How this really works?

Well....We have bin folder structure script/conf files:


smartd_mailer.conf.sample.ps1 smartd_mailer.ps1 smartd_warning.cmd

According wiki ( and my understanding, first we need to create/manage directives to determine actions. Ex: Generate Logs by bad blocks, bad life hard disk and send mail...

I'm using Windows 10 release 1803 x64 and version 6.6.207-11-05 r4594 (sf-6.6.1) My problem, is now...

  1. What hierarchy of setting up files? Who file come's first, who depend who, who call who? Basically: smartd.conf => smartd_warning.cmd => defines what mail sender => smartd_mailer.ps1 => read SMTP data => smartd_mailer.conf.sample.ps1 Is that correct?

  1. smartd.conf call smartd_warning.cmd with -M exec? But, in the wiki says:

If the file EXEDIR/smartd_mailer.conf.ps1 is present and '-M exec' is not specified, the script smartd_mailer.ps1 is used instead. This script uses the Send-MailMessage? cmdlet to send mail. See EXEDIR/smartd_mailer.conf.sample.ps1 for info about the format of the configuration file.

  1. smartd_warning.cmd verify what's and call default mailer.

if smartd_mailer.ps1 exists, AND -M exec directive not specified, automatically will use PowerShell? method, right?

  1. About script smartd_warning.cmd, When I run, he everytime say: "smartd_warning.cmd: SMARTD_ADDRESS or SMARTD_MAILER must be set"

How I can set these variables? I just tried uncomenting echo, and increment values to specified vars.

  1. How I can test if a mail is working correctly? I trying but no success. Using -M test not working.


#41 invalid smartd: internal error in MailWarning(): cfg.mailwarn->emailfreq=0 somebody Giuseppe Iuculano


I'm forwarding a bug reported by a Debian user. Version: smartctl 5.39 2009-12-09 r2995 [i686-pc-linux-gnu] (local build)

Smartd logs internal error along with the notification of a failing hard disk.

From /var/log/syslog

-8<- Jan 12 13:42:11 hanuri smartd[9147]: Device: /dev/sdc, 5 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors Jan 12 13:42:11 hanuri smartd[9147]: internal error in MailWarning?(): cfg.mailwarn->emailfreq=0 -8<-

/etc/smartd.conf has: -8<- /dev/sda -d ata -I 194 -I 190 /dev/sdb -d ata -I 194 -I 190 /dev/sdc -d ata -I 194 -I 190 /dev/sdd -d ata -I 194 -I 190 /dev/sde -d ata -I 194 -I 190 /dev/sdf -d ata -I 194 -I 190 -8<-

#249 fixed smartd: health check failed if SCSI drive is performing test somebody Alex Samorukov

Instead of SMART HEALTH "OK" smartd shows Device: /dev/sdb, non-SMART asc,ascq: 4,9 in the logs if test is running. smartcl -H /dev/sdb shows that smart status if fine.

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