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#63 fixed 3ware support at DEVICESCAN somebody phr3ak-
  • please support 3ware devices at devicescan.
  • or accept the devicescan if some device was already specified in the configuration file.
  • scan all /dev/sd* devices not just sd[a-z]

thank you.

#286 wontfix 48-bit ATA commands not supported on OS X somebody cmurf

When running smartctl -x /dev/disk0, I get the following messages: SMART WRITE LOG does not return COUNT and LBA_LOW register SCT (Get) Error Recovery Control command failed

Device Statistics (GP Log 0x04) not supported

ATA_READ_LOG_EXT (addr=0x11:0x00, page=0, n=1) failed: 48-bit ATA commands not implemented Read SATA Phy Event Counters failed

Regression: This problem doesn't occur on the same hardware, with the same version of smartmontools, on linux.


There's uncertainty if this is an upstream bug in smartmontools or if this is a limitation of xnu or IOKit on OS X. I've filed a bug with Apple, Problem ID: 14368815.

#62 fixed 4K info from IDENTIFY DEVICE Christian Franke tomk007

I checked the ATA/ATAPI specification and it seems it may be possible to find real HW sector size from word 106 of IDENTIFY DEVICE command. Would it be possible to check this and propagate this information to user-space via smartctl? It will allow semi-automatic creation of properly aligned partitions on devices like WD6400AARS.

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