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#1590 fixed add to drivedb: Sandisk Ultra 3D 1TB SDSSDH3 1T00 (different naming than currently in DB) Gabriele Pohl wutr

The Sandisk Ultra 3D is already in the database, however this particular 1TB version is not.

#269 worksforme Change standby (spindown) timer of WDEARS20 somebody woutdenolf

Reading the manual of smartctl (version 6.1), I was under the impression that I could set the standby (spindown) timer of my WDEARS20 disks like this:

smartctl -d areca,1 -g standby,254 /dev/sg6

However this is not a valid argument to -g: =======> INVALID ARGUMENT TO -g: standby,255 =======> VALID ARGUMENTS ARE: aam, apm, lookahead, security, wcache, rcache <=======

Is this a bug or did I misinterpret something?

Thanks in advance, Wout

PS, The tool idle3ctl would also be able to do the job, but my disks happen to be behind an Areca RAID controller.

#50 fixed Error Recovery Control querrying and setting Christian Franke wmene@…

On November 20, 2009, Richard Gregory submitted a patch to the smartmontools support list to get and set Error Recovery Control parameters

which he describes on his page here:

It would be nice if smartmontools would incorporate this into their official build. As Richard stated, ERC is defined as a sub command of SMART Command Transport.

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