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#941 fixed update-smart-drivedb is not able to find gpg on osx due to redefined path Christian Franke Alex Samorukov

Tool update-smart-drivedb is not able to find gpg on osx. I think we should add /usr/local/bin to set of default pathnames in the, it should help both FreeBSD and OSX users

    292 AC_ARG_WITH(scriptpath,
    293   [AS_HELP_STRING([--with-scriptpath=@<:@PATH|no@:>@],
    294     [PATH variable set within scripts [/usr/bin:/bin]])],
    295   [scriptpath=; test "$withval" != "no" && scriptpath="$withval"],
    296   [scriptpath="/usr/bin:/bin"])
#1542 fixed update-smart-drivedb doesn't kill it's gpg-agent and throws errors on systems with root on NFS Christian Franke rwofyiyj.awdawdq

I use smartd daemon on machines with root filesystem.

update-smart-drivedb doesn't kill it's gpg-agent process and tries to remove it's home dir (line 494). On NFS it doesn't work. Directory cannot be removed because nfs preserves delete open sockets/files. (script would have to rm -rf the directory twice)

This error causes stderr message which creates additional mail (false positive) when cron is configured to send mail.

This small patch kills the gpg-agent and allows for error free $gnupgtmp deletion.

diff -c backup /usr/sbin/update-smart-drivedb
*** backup	2021-11-04 14:29:14.665707108 +0100
--- /usr/sbin/update-smart-drivedb	2021-11-04 14:31:08.927219722 +0100
*** 491,496 ****
--- 491,497 ----
      echo "$out" >&2
+   kill $(ps ax | awk '$5=="gpg-agent" && /smartmontools/{print $2}')
    rm -f -r "$gnupgtmp"
    return $r

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. run /etc/cron.monthly/smartmontools-update-drivedb on machine with root on NFS

Actual Results:

LC_ALL=C /etc/cron.monthly/smartmontools-update-drivedb
rm: cannot remove '/var/db/smartmontools/.gnupg.139163.tmp': Directory not empty

Script executes normal but has problem deleting it's gpg directory.

Expected Results: There should be no stderr output when scripts executes normally.

Script doesn't delete it's temporary directory.

#142 duplicate update-smart-drivedb does not work on FreeBSD (+ solution) somebody wesha

/usr/local/sbin > ./update-smart-drivedb ./update-smart-drivedb~: syntax error in version number: 5.40

Problem: SED somehow fails to understand "?" metacharacter:

BRANCH="`echo $VERSION | sed -n 's|\([0-9][0-9]*\)\.\([0-9][0-9]* \)\([0-9].*\)\?$|RELEASE_\1_\2_DRIVEDB|p'`"

Solution: be explicit:

BRANCH="echo $VERSION | sed -n 's|^\([0-9][0-9]*\)\.\([0-9][0-9]*\)\([^0-9].*\)\{0,1\}$|RELEASE_\1_\2_DRIVEDB|p'"

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