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#1071 fixed patch for drivedb.h: Micron_5100_MTFDDAK3T8TCB Christian Franke Gabriele Pohl

Anthony D'Atri wrote via database ML:

Here's a diff against smartmontools-code-r4761-trunk-smartmontools to address Micron issues.

Polarity of wear counter correction Support new 5200 drives Break out 5100/5200 into a separate stanza and enable additional attributes Recognize drives with Dell's goofy OEM inquiry model string. They have Micron diddle their drives because the normal Micron_5100_MTFD string breaks some ancient HBA of theirs

Internal error: unable to compile regular expression "Crucial_CT(128|256|512)MX100SSD1|Crucial_CT(200|250|256|500|512|1000|1024)MX200SSD[1346]|Crucial_CT(275|525|1050|2050)MX300SSD[14]|Crucial_CT(120|240|480|960)M500SSD[134]|Crucial_CT(128|256|512|1024)M550SSD[134]|Micron_M500_MTFDDA[KTV](120|240|480|960)MAV|(Micron_)?M510[_-]MTFDDA[KTV](128|256)MAZ|(Micron_)?M550[_-]MTFDDA[KTV](064|128|256|512|1T0)MAY|Micron_M600_(EE|MT)FDDA[KTV](128|256|512|1T0)MBF[25Z]?|Micron_M500DC_(EE|MT)FDDA[AK](120|240|480|800)MBB|Micron_1100_MTFDDA[KV](256|512|1T0|2T0)TBN|MICRON_M510DC_(EE|MT)FDDAK(120|240|480|800|960)MBP|": Empty '|' subexpression
Please inform smartmontools developers at
#684 fixed outdated "sending report about your drive" link target on page Nathan Stratton Treadway

In the Contribute to Smartmontools -- Device Information paragraph of, the target of the "sending a report about your drive" link is currently , but the desired FAQ is now actually found at instead.

#691 fixed os_win32.cpp: Support Windows 10 NVMe driver (stornvme.sys) Christian Franke Christian Franke

The Windows 10 NVMe driver supports access to NVMe info via new enhanced version of IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY which uses STORAGE_PROTOCOL_SPECIFIC_DATA structure.

See also: Working with NVMe drives.

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