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#1657 fixed Add new rule of Apacer SSDs to drivedb kobegao

Hi, I am Apacer software engineer. Here are some new rules need to be added to the drivedb.h The following is modified from current version(v7.3) of drivedb.h

  { "Apacer SSDs",
    "([1248]|1[056]|20|3[02]|40|60|64|80|12[08]|160|240|256|320|480|512|640|960|1024|1280|1920|2048|3840|4096)(GB|TB) SATA Flash Drive|"
    "S[GHTV]250-(M2[48][02]|25) ([1248]|1[056]|20|3[02]|40|60|64|80|12[08]|160|240|256|320|480|512|640|960|1024|1280|1920|2048|3840|4096)(GB|TB) SSD", // tested with 120GB SATA Flash Drive/SFMB6130, SH250-M242 128GB SSD/SFMB8120, ST250-M280 256GB SSD/SFMD6110
  //"-v 9,raw24(raw8),Power_On_Hours "
  //"-v 12,raw48,Power_Cycle_Count "
    "-v 163,raw48,Maximum_Erase_Count "
    "-v 164,raw48,Average_Erase_Count "
    "-v 166,raw48,Total_Later_Bad_Blk_Ct "
    "-v 167,raw48,SSD_Protect_Mode "
    "-v 168,raw48,SATA_PHY_Error_Count "
    "-v 171,raw48,Program_Fail_Count "
    "-v 172,raw48,Erase_Fail_Count "
    "-v 175,raw48,Bad_Cluster_Table_Ct "
    "-v 192,raw48,Unexpect_Power_Loss_Ct "
  //"-v 194,tempminmax,Temperature_Celsius "
    "-v 231,raw48,Lifetime_Left "
  //"-v 241,raw48,Total_LBAs_Written "

Or you could refer apacer_drivedb.h and smartctl_x_output.txt that are in the attachment.

If you need any more information, please let me know. Thanks for your help.

Best Regards, Kobe

#1728 fixed Add one more C300 RealSSD to drivedb (MTFDBAK256MAG-1G1) Christian Franke JoB

Attached you can find the txt output file according to FAQ.

Device is similar to other C300 devices sharing the attributes of C400 series as described in detail here:

Device from this family was reported at ticket 1421 but that report was strange

#815 fixed Add options '-g/s dsn' to set/get DSN feature. Christian Franke JonghwanChoi

For supporting enable/disable DSN feature.

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