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#262 fixed Add link for OS X SAT passthrough in wiki, section USB Christian Franke olafmarzocchi

Hello, USB SAT passthrough is possible now in (Mac) OS X: I suggest adding the link to the wiki page about USB devices.

#774 wontfix Add machine-readable output formating lynxchaus

Patch adds machine simple comma-delimited output format.

example output: # smartctl -A -f machine /dev/sda 1,Raw_Read_Error_Rate,0x000f,117,97,6,Pre-fail,Always,-,133234088 3,Spin_Up_Time,0x0003,96,95,0,Pre-fail,Always,-,0 4,Start_Stop_Count,0x0032,99,99,20,Old_age,Always,-,1386 5,Reallocated_Sector_Ct,0x0033,100,100,36,Pre-fail,Always,-,0 7,Seek_Error_Rate,0x000f,78,60,30,Pre-fail,Always,-,81588632 9,Power_On_Hours,0x0032,86,86,0,Old_age,Always,-,12439 10,Spin_Retry_Count,0x0013,100,100,97,Pre-fail,Always,-,0 12,Power_Cycle_Count,0x0032,99,99,20,Old_age,Always,-,1391 187,Reported_Uncorrect,0x0032,97,97,0,Old_age,Always,-,3 189,High_Fly_Writes,0x003a,100,100,0,Old_age,Always,-,0 190,Airflow_Temperature_Cel,0x0022,48,43,45,Old_age,Always,In_the_past,52 (Min/Max 25/52 #152) 194,Temperature_Celsius,0x0022,52,57,0,Old_age,Always,-,52 (0 17 0 0 0) 195,Hardware_ECC_Recovered,0x001a,45,42,0,Old_age,Always,-,19427128 197,Current_Pending_Sector,0x0012,100,100,0,Old_age,Always,-,1 198,Offline_Uncorrectable,0x0010,100,100,0,Old_age,Offline,-,1 199,UDMA_CRC_Error_Count,0x003e,200,200,0,Old_age,Always,-,0 200,Multi_Zone_Error_Rate,0x0000,100,253,0,Old_age,Offline,-,0 202,Data_Address_Mark_Errs,0x0032,100,253,0,Old_age,Always,-,0

#1156 wontfix Add more prominent warning if SMART features are disabled/impaired Stilez

I just bought a Seagate SAS-3 HDD ST8000NM0075. I notice it wasn't producing SMART data although SMART was enabled, and eventually discovered the GLTSD bit, which apparently comes preset to "on", disabling SMART attribute storage (I think - a bit hazy about this!). I've just disabled it and hoping that helps.

The point being, this restriction wasn't obvious in the smartctl output at all. It's true that if I read every line of smartctl -x, there's a mention buried somewhere round line 300 about "GLSTD" being "off", but the term doesn't mean anything to most people who own or use a hard drive, and most won't dig into such output and question every line.

So this is a request, if there is a reason why smartctl thinks it might be impaired in its drive interrogation, due to SMART being disabled, SMART data or log storage being disabled, expected log pages not being found, etc, can that be stated in a clear prominent way, at the top of the output, so it's not easily missed?

It doesn't have to take much room. Just stating "Diagnostic output may be incomplete, due to disabled or inaccessible features on this device: <brief list>." would be enough.


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