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#213 worksforme did not find smartmontools script somebody Martin Suc


I did not find forum so I put it here as a question. I have compiled and installed smartmontools from svn - version 5.43 2012-02-12 r3509. But I did not find smartmontools script which was located in previous version in /etc/init.d/smartmontools directory. So I started it by: sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/smartd restart

It seems to be working properly according to logs files. ... but I am not sure ... I did not find any word about start smartmontools script in INSTALL documentation ... .

Was this script removed or did I messed up something ? (Previous version 5.41 has this script.)

Regards, Martin

P.S. very nice software :-)

#219 worksforme regression: segfault on arm since 5.39 somebody joban1

I tried to use smartmontools natively built from tar on a QNAP TS-419PII. All versions from 5.42 down to 5.39 produce a segfault:

[~] # smartctl -d sat -a /dev/sda smartctl 5.39 2009-12-09 r2995 [armv5tel-unknown-linux-gnueabi] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-9 by Bruce Allen,

Segmentation fault

Version 5.38 finally worked:

[~] # smartctl -d sat -a /dev/sda smartctl version 5.38 [armv5tel-unknown-linux-gnu] Copyright (C) 2002-8 Bruce Allen Home page is


Device Model: WDC WD20EARX-00PASB0 ...

I am ok with just using 5.38, but if someone wants to fix it I am willing to support by testing patches and sending logs. Only problem would be I cannot build from svn (because of a perl issue?):

[~/share/smartmontools] $ ./ This Perl not built to support threads Compilation failed in require at /opt/bin/automake-1.11 line 139. ...

[~/share/smartmontools] $ perl -v

This is perl, v5.10.0 built for arm-none-linux-gnueabi ...

#220 worksforme --set options for smartd somebody art9

Please add --set options for smartd

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