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#1794 fixed drivedb.h: Toshiba MG-Series improvement Christian Franke S.Haupt

Dear Smartmontools-Team,

I propose an update to the drivedb.h file in order to correctly support the Toshiba MG-Series harddrives. The current Regexes do not cover all drive models (especially the SAS-Models are not covered). The proposed changes can be found in the attached diff file.

Information on the MG-Series drives are sourced from this Toshiba datasheet:

Toshiba Model numbers have the following meaning:

1-4   Series Number
       MGnn: with nn in 04,05,05,06,07,08,09,10
5     Interface
       A: SATA
       S: SAS
6     RPM
       C: 7,200 rpm
7     Height
       A: 26.1 mm
       F: unknown
8-10  Formatted Capacity
       400: 4 TByte
       600: 6 TByte
       800: 8 TByte
       10T: 10 TByte
       12T: 12 TByte
       14T: 14 TByte
       16T: 16 TByte
       20T: 20 TByte
       22T: 22 TByte
11-12 Options
       A: 4K Native (4Kn) AF
       E: 512 B Emulation (512e) AF
       N: 512 B Native (512n) Format
       AY: 4K Native (4Kn) AF and SIE ( Sanitize Instant Erase )
       EY: 512 B Emulation (512e) AF and SIE ( Sanitize Instant Erase )
       NY: 512 B Native (512n) Format and SIE ( Sanitize Instant Erase )

See also:

However, I belive this support page describing the model numbers is not 100% correct!

I hope that helps improving smartmontools.

Best regards Sascha

#776 invalid Self-test log differences between "-a" and "-x" options Sam


My SSD provide a different self-test log output when using "-x" option instead "-a": with "-a" smartctl said that device doesn't support this feature, instead with "-x" the self-test log appear, but with several running tests and mixed lifetime hours.

Attached you can find the two outputs (generated also with -r ataioctl,2 option) of device.

Let me know if more data is needed.

Greetings, Sam

#821 fixed Transcend TS480GSSD220S Not in smartctl database Serj
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