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#1762 fixed Add Intenso Top 2TB (Intenso SSD SATAIII FW:W0825A0) Gabriele Pohl Maarten Deen

#861 fixed Requesting Addition of Micron 5100 ECO, PRO, and MAX Models to drivedb.h Micron
  { "Micron M500DC/M510DC/5100 Enterprise SSDs",
    "Micron_M500DC_(EE|MT)FDDA[AK](120|240|480|800)MBB|" // tested with
      // Micron_M500DC_EEFDDAA120MBB/129, Micron_M500DC_MTFDDAK800MBB/0129
    "MICRON_M510DC_(EE|MT)FDDAK(120|240|480|800|960)MBP|" // tested with
      // Micron_M510DC_MTFDDAK240MBP/0005
    "Micron_5100_(EE|MT)FDDA[KV](240|480|960|1T9|3T8|7T6)T(BY|CB|CC)", // tested with Micron_5100_MTFDDAK1T9TBY/
    "", "",
  //"-v 1,raw48,Raw_Read_Error_Rate "
    "-v 5,raw48,Reallocated_Block_Count "
  //"-v 9,raw24(raw8),Power_On_Hours "
  //"-v 12,raw48,Power_Cycle_Count "
    "-v 170,raw48,Reserved_Block_Count "
    "-v 171,raw48,Program_Fail_Count "
    "-v 172,raw48,Erase_Fail_Count "
    "-v 173,raw48,Ave_Block-Erase_Count "
    "-v 174,raw48,Unexpect_Power_Loss_Ct "
  //"-v 180,raw48,Unused_Rsvd_Blk_Cnt_Tot,SSD "
    "-v 183,raw48,SATA_Interfac_Downshift "
    "-v 184,raw48,Error_Correction_Count "
  //"-v 187,raw48,Reported_Uncorrect "
    "-v 188,raw48,Command_Timeouts "
  //"-v 194,tempminmax,Temperature_Celsius "
    "-v 195,raw48,Cumulativ_Corrected_ECC "
  //"-v 197,raw48,Current_Pending_Sector "
  //"-v 198,raw48,Offline_Uncorrectable "
  //"-v 199,raw48,UDMA_CRC_Error_Count "
    "-v 202,raw48,Percent_Lifetime_Remain "
    "-v 206,raw48,Write_Error_Rate "
    "-v 210,raw48,Success_RAIN_Recov_Cnt "
    "-v 246,raw48,Host_Sectors_Written "
    "-v 247,raw48,Host_Program_Page_Count "
    "-v 248,raw48,Bckgnd_Program_Page_Cnt"
#1750 invalid Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 250GB MrGuinness


Please see attached test report for my nvme SSD.

I have checked the online drivedb and don't see any mention of 970 EVO, so I am hoping this drive can be added.

I have updated the drivedb locally, but am not able to access the smart data and tests via the "disks" utility in Fedora 37 for this drive, and I don't see an entry in the journal for this drive saying "found in smartd database" as I do for other drives (see below).

Thanks, MrG

smartd[23992]: Device: /dev/sdc [SAT], opened
smartd[23992]: Device: /dev/sdc [SAT], WDC WD3200AAKS-00SBA0, S/N:WD-WMAPZ0463624, WWN:5-0014ee-0aabb2a43, FW:12.01B01, 320 GB
smartd[23992]: Device: /dev/sdc [SAT], **found in smartd database** 7.3/5533: Western Digital Caviar Blue (SATA)
smartd[23992]: Device: /dev/sdc [SAT], is SMART capable. Adding to "monitor" list.
smartd[23992]: Device: /dev/nvme0, opened
smartd[23992]: Device: /dev/nvme0, Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 250GB, S/N:S4EUNX0R533480T, FW:2B2QEXM7, 250 GB
smartd[23992]: Device: /dev/nvme0, is SMART capable. Adding to "monitor" list.
smartd[23992]: Monitoring 4 ATA/SATA, 0 SCSI/SAS and 1 NVMe devices
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