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#659 fixed "update-smart-drivedb" uses old sourceforge HTTP link Christian Franke ackackack

When curl is used in the drivedb update script it does not follow the redirect as given by sourceforge for http to https

Curl can be told to follow redirects with the -L option

Here is a simple patch that seems to solve this issue:

@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
 for t in $os_dltools; do
   if which $t >/dev/null 2>/dev/null; then
     case $t in
-      curl)  DOWNLOAD="curl ${q:+-s }"'-f -o "$" "$SRC"' ;;
+      curl)  DOWNLOAD="curl -L ${q:+-s }"'-f -o "$" "$SRC"' ;;
       lynx)  DOWNLOAD='lynx -source "$SRC" >"$"' ;;
       wget)  DOWNLOAD="wget $q"'-O "$" "$SRC"' ;;
       fetch) DOWNLOAD='fetch -o "$" "$SRC"' ;; # FreeBSD

As an alternative the URL for the updates could be modified to look to https instead of http:

@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@

 # Download URL for sourceforge code browser

 # Parse options
 q="-q "

#677 fixed Windows sometimes spins up a disk even when “-n standby” is used Christian Franke Thomas Gatterweh

I observed that when smartd is polling for SMART data, Windows sometimes spins up a disk that is powered down even when “-n standby” is used in smartd.conf. The log will report that the disk is in standby mode and checks are suspended. Still you can hear that the disk is starting.

I found that this behavior is caused by smartd when opening the (physical) disk device. Smartd opens the disk asking for full read and write permissions by default. (Only when it does not have admin rights, it opens the disk with ‘0’ permissions.) But opening with full read and write permissions sometimes results in Windows spinning up the disk, most likely to consolidate Windows’ internal state with the disk. However, to query the disk’s power state, you only need a handle to query the drive’s metadata, without any read or write permissions.

The attached patch adds a new function to the base class ‘smart_device’: ‘check_os_powermode()’. The generic default implementation returns true to indicate power up or undetermined. The Win32 implementation uses Windows’ GetDevicePowerState API, and returns false when the OS indicates that the device is in low-power state. However, the point is when the ‘smart_device’ is not already opened, ‘check_os_powermode()’ opens the device temporarily using ‘0’ permissions to open only a handle for querying device metadata, and so prevents the disk from spinning up. (Even when admin rights would be available.)

#682 fixed Documentation wikipage link wrong Christian Franke kuldahv

The documentation wiki page link to a case study "​Graphical Monitoring with Munin: Agony of a dying disk (plus buggy disk firmware)" using incorrect/old url:

The current/correct url is:

There's no visible option to edit the wiki myself.

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