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#504 fixed MediaSonic ProBox 4-Bay Enclosure (HF2-SU3S2) unrecognized Christian Franke jss

I have two enclosures from MediaSonic: one is Rev 2 and one is Rev 3. Both use JMicron chipsets and are currently unrecognized in the SmartMonTools database:

  • Rev 2 = 152d:0539
  • Rev 3 = 152d:0567

I have reviewed tickets #95 and #338. I can confirm that "-d usbjmicron" with its various parameters do not work. I can also confirm that "-d sat" does work.

I would like these two USB bridges to be entered into the database so that the appropriate device type is used automatically.

I am running OpenMediaVault 1.0.20 (Debian 7.7).

  • jss
#508 fixed JMicron 152d:3562 USB 3.0 Bridge needs -d sat Christian Franke Sandy McArthur

Similar to Ticket #338 my StarTech S358BU33ERM 8-bay enclosure has a JMicron JMB575M + JMS567 chips but works with -d sat

a drive in above enclosure:

# smartctl -a /dev/sdd
smartctl 6.3 2014-07-26 r3976 [x86_64-linux-3.18.0-gentoo] (local build)
Copyright (C) 2002-14, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke,

/dev/sdd: Unknown USB bridge [0x152d:0x3562 (0x310)]
Please specify device type with the -d option.

same drive with -d sat

# smartctl -a -d sat /dev/sdd
smartctl 6.3 2014-07-26 r3976 [x86_64-linux-3.18.0-gentoo] (local build)
Copyright (C) 2002-14, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke,

Model Family:     Western Digital Red
Device Model:     WDC WD30EFRX-68AX9N0
[...several screens...]

lsusb excerpt:

# lsusb -s 008:004 -v

Bus 008 Device 004: ID 152d:3562 JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Technology Corp. 
Device Descriptor:
  bLength                18
  bDescriptorType         1
  bcdUSB               3.00
  bDeviceClass            0 (Defined at Interface level)
  bDeviceSubClass         0 
  bDeviceProtocol         0 
  bMaxPacketSize0         9
  idVendor           0x152d JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Technology Corp.
  idProduct          0x3562 
  bcdDevice            3.10
  iManufacturer           1 CFI
  iProduct                2 USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge
  iSerial                 3 891407280112A
  bNumConfigurations      1
[...again several screens trimmed...]

I tried to infer the info you'll need from issue #338 . If you need full outputs let me know.

Mfg product page:

#517 fixed Two new USB Drives (drivedb.h entries) Christian Franke Milind
  { "USB: Seagate Slim Portable Drive; ", // tested with External USB Drive model SRD00F1
    "-d sat"
  { "USB: Dynex 2.5\" USB 3.0 Exclosure; ", // tested with Model DX-HD302513
    "-d sat"
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