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#498 fixed Support SMART error logs with more that 255 pages Christian Franke Christian Franke

Some devices provide Extended Comprehensive SMART error logs with much more than the 255 pages (sectors) currently supported by smartctl. A Micron M600 for example provides 16383 pages.

The current implementation of smartctl -l xerror is not suitable. It pre-reads the full log, regardless of error count or error log index.

#499 fixed Add USB IDs for Prolific PL2571, PL2771 and PL2775 Christian Franke TomVe

Based on a mail from ProlificUSA the command set implemented in ticket #482 should work with deviceIDs 0x2571, 0x2771, 0x2773, 0x2775. The patch attached adds the missing USB IDs for PL2571, PL2771 and PL2775. This is however UNTESTED! I only have a PL2773 to test.

I am not aware of the politics regarding adding support for untested IDs, so it is for you to decide :-)

#502 fixed Missing variable quoting in update-smart-drivedb Christian Franke tkaiser

The update-smart-drivedb script (using version 6.3) does not quote the $SMARTCTL variable correctly in line 125 so when the path to smartctl contains whitespace execution will fail. Currently line 125 reads:

if $SMARTCTL -B "$" -P showall >/dev/null; then :; else

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