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#189 fixed Whitelist non-MA07 firmware for Dell Seagate Barracuda ES.2 drives Christian Franke yaberauneya

We recently received a support call because a customer noted that one of the drives installed in a machine was reporting potential problems with a version of firmware. After doing some digging on the Dell site, it appears that only the MA07 firmware is affected.

The attached patch whitelists all non-MA07 firmware so the message doesn't appear with unaffected drives.

#191 fixed improve the example to examine smartctl's return code Christian Franke robkehl


Thank you for this brilliant piece of software.

I just want to suggest a minor improvement to the man page of smartctl.

At section "RETURN VALUES" near the end of the man page for smartctl[8], you state an example to examine the error code returned by smartctl:

To test within the shell for whether or not the  different  bits
are  turned  on  or  off, you can use the following type of con‐
struction (this is bash syntax):
smartstat=$(($? & 8))
This looks at only at bit  3  of  the  exit  status  $?   (since
8=2^3).   The shell variable $smartstat will be nonzero if SMART
status check returned "disk failing" and zero otherwise.

Why not show the user a way to examine all error codes by including something like this:

E=$?; for ((i=0; i<8;i++)); do echo "Bit $i: $(($E & 2**$i && 1))"; done

This would produce output like the following:

Bit 0: 0
Bit 1: 0
Bit 2: 0
Bit 3: 0
Bit 4: 0
Bit 5: 0
Bit 6: 1
Bit 7: 0

With kind regards,

Robert Kehl

#192 fixed Add Crucial M4 SSD Christian Franke sfionov

Crucial released updated 25nm Marvell-based SSD's at April 2011 with model ids: M4-CT(064|128|256)M4SSD2

SMART specs are the same:

Also according to the specs, attribute 181 contains three raw16 values, not one raw48.

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