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#171 fixed Kingston SSDNow V Series SSD attributes Christian Franke wintrmute

Hi, Here is some info on decoding some extra attributes reported by some SSD drives.

Attribute 234 (0xEA): Average erase count, max erase count. Decoded as: byte 0-1-2 = average erase count (big endian) byte 3-4-5 = max erase count (big endian)

Attribute 235 (0xEB): Good block count, system(free) block count decoded as: byte 0-1-2 = good block count (big endian) byte 3-4 = system(free) block count.

#172 wontfix Windows XP x64 smartctl support for 3ware Christian Franke dmarty

Are there any plans to add 3ware support to smartctl for the windows version? Specifically, I'm hoping to be able to send the smartctl -l scterc,70,70 to drives behind my 3ware controller, so they behave more like enterprise drives as regards error recovery. I know the drives I'm using support this as I've tried them when connected to the MB, but I can't address them behind my new 3ware controller, at least, not under the windows version of smartctl.

Many thanks!

#173 fixed Windows (Vista, 7, 2008) Shell Extensions - need grants escalation Christian Franke arioch_bdv

Windows Vista features UAC - user access control

By default application are denied grants, needed to access raw hardware, including reading SMART, more so for running SMART tests

The shell exension needs to take this into account and run them in "elevated" mode

Maybe tools like might be used

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