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#94 fixed Build fails if source was downloaded via ViewVC Christian Franke Christian Franke

ViewVC allows to download the source as a tarball. A build from the tarball fails because the SVN Id strings are not expanded.

#95 fixed JMicron 4 device support (0x152d:0x0551) Christian Franke cheetah

I've recently acquired a 4 bay USB3+eSATA enclosure, specifically this one: (Mediasonic Pro Box 4 Bay Enclosure USB 3.0 & eSATA [HF2-SU3S2] in case the link becomes dead). NB: I'm not actually using USB3 (yet), it's connected to a USB2 host.

The enclosure uses a JMicron chip that smartmontools does not support. I'm hoping that JMicron implemented this one similarly to the two device chips, and that smartmontools can support this without huge effort.

What smartctl says when I try to query it: "... Unknown USB bridge [0x152d:0x0551 (0x100)]" ... <please use -d>

On a lark, I tried the usbjmicron,0, and that appeared to successfully give the info for the first disk. So I tried usbjmicron,1 for the second device, and that I think made the enclosure "reboot": I got a usb disconnect, and then it came back to life.

#99 fixed Outdated IBM Deskstar links in drivedb Christian Franke scop

There are a couple of outdated IBM Deskstar links in drivedb.h, patch attached. I have not verified any information at the new site, but it seems similar to the last archived copy of the old geocities page at

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