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#1644 invalid SMART Status not supported: Incomplete response, ATA output registers missing (CCISS) fereshtehloghmani

hello I user server HP (DL360 G8) and raid controller p420i. I install smart on this server and I have some SATA and SSD hards that all of them are in a raid. when i use these command like: smartctl -a -d cciss,0 /dev/sg1 smartctl -a -d cciss,0 /dev/sda

i receive this error: SMART Status not supported: Incomplete response, ATA output registers missing

could you please help me with how can I monitor all kinds of hard in G8 and G7 HP servers? and is this problem related to the type of raid controller or type of server or something like this?

thanks in advance

#1642 fixed Swapped Bad_Blk_Ct_Erl/Lat values in drivedb for "Phison Driven SSDs" matjon


The drivedb currently contains the following entry:

  { "Phison Driven SSDs", // see MKP_521_Phison_SMART_attribute.pdf
    "-v 170,raw24/raw24:z54z10,Bad_Blk_Ct_Erl/Lat " // Early bad block/Later bad block

I think that the early and late bad block count values are swapped (late in place of early, early in place of late) and the description should be changed to "Bad_Blk_Ct_Lat/Erl".

According to the documentation in the PDF:

“Bad Block Count (Early / Later)”
Counts the number of Bad blocks.

Raw Value Byte [1~0]: Early bad block count
Raw Value Byte [5~4]: Later bad block count

I have a drive that identifies itself as SSDPR-CX400-512-G2. It is not yet in the database (I will submit it shortly), but the SMART parameters are very likely the same as in SSDPR-CX400-512 (based on comparing with a vendor's tool). Since birth, it had "146" as the raw uninterpreted value of this attribute:

170 Unknown_Attribute       PO----   100   100   000    -    146

but when I modify the drivedb and add it to a regex for "Phison Driven SSDs", it is displayed as:

170 Bad_Blk_Ct_Erl/Lat      PO----   100   100   000    -    0/146

I think that the best way to fix this problem is to change the description to "Bad_Blk_Ct_Lat/Erl" to avoid confusion for people that have historical smartctl outputs stored somewhere.



#1640 fixed Please add Apacer AP1TPPSS25-R to the Database Christian Franke sakuraneko

Please find attached the output of smartctl -q noserial -x /dev/sdX

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