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#1657 fixed Add new rule of Apacer SSDs to drivedb kobegao

Hi, I am Apacer software engineer. Here are some new rules need to be added to the drivedb.h The following is modified from current version(v7.3) of drivedb.h

  { "Apacer SSDs",
    "([1248]|1[056]|20|3[02]|40|60|64|80|12[08]|160|240|256|320|480|512|640|960|1024|1280|1920|2048|3840|4096)(GB|TB) SATA Flash Drive|"
    "S[GHTV]250-(M2[48][02]|25) ([1248]|1[056]|20|3[02]|40|60|64|80|12[08]|160|240|256|320|480|512|640|960|1024|1280|1920|2048|3840|4096)(GB|TB) SSD", // tested with 120GB SATA Flash Drive/SFMB6130, SH250-M242 128GB SSD/SFMB8120, ST250-M280 256GB SSD/SFMD6110
  //"-v 9,raw24(raw8),Power_On_Hours "
  //"-v 12,raw48,Power_Cycle_Count "
    "-v 163,raw48,Maximum_Erase_Count "
    "-v 164,raw48,Average_Erase_Count "
    "-v 166,raw48,Total_Later_Bad_Blk_Ct "
    "-v 167,raw48,SSD_Protect_Mode "
    "-v 168,raw48,SATA_PHY_Error_Count "
    "-v 171,raw48,Program_Fail_Count "
    "-v 172,raw48,Erase_Fail_Count "
    "-v 175,raw48,Bad_Cluster_Table_Ct "
    "-v 192,raw48,Unexpect_Power_Loss_Ct "
  //"-v 194,tempminmax,Temperature_Celsius "
    "-v 231,raw48,Lifetime_Left "
  //"-v 241,raw48,Total_LBAs_Written "

Or you could refer apacer_drivedb.h and smartctl_x_output.txt that are in the attachment.

If you need any more information, please let me know. Thanks for your help.

Best Regards, Kobe

#1656 fixed Add Netac Z Slim (Netac MobileDataStar, 0x0dd8:0x0562) Christian Franke andreymal

smartctl prints "Unknown USB bridge", but "-d sat" works fine (with UAS disabled).

I didn't find a datasheet or something, but CrystalDiskInfo shows these attribute names: SmartSiliconMotion

Product page:

#1655 fixed Not in smartctl database: INTEL SSDSC2BB240G4C Christian Franke mahalozan

fujitsu version of the Intel SSD DC S3500 240G is not included in the drivedb.c

searching string [RT] but should be[RTC]

"INTEL SSDSC(1N|2B)[ABPX]((080|100|120|150|160|200|240|300|400|480|600|800)[GH][3467][RTC]?|(012|016)T[46])",

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