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#22 fixed smartctl segfaults on 3ware Christian Franke valharis

I'm running smartctl from SVN head (revision 2985) on an AMD64 system with Linux kernel 2.6.30-2 (Debian unstable)

Calling smartctl -d 3ware,0 -a /dev/sda results in a Segmentation fault.

Backtrace: #0 0x000000000042e2de in os_linux::linux_escalade_device::ata_pass_through (this=0x674010, in=..., out=...) at os_linux.cpp:1610 #1 0x000000000040cb99 in smartcommandhandler (device=0x674010, command=IDENTIFY, select=0, data=0x662d40 "\036") at atacmds.cpp:569 #2 0x000000000040e82d in ataReadHDIdentity (device=0x674010, buf=0x662d40) at atacmds.cpp:774 #3 0x0000000000413891 in ataPrintMain (device=0x674010, options=...) at ataprint.cpp:1758 #4 0x000000000040600d in main_worker (argc=5, argv=0x7fffffffe4e8) at smartctl.cpp:949 #5 0x000000000040614c in main (argc=5, argv=0x7fffffffe4e8) at smartctl.cpp:967

Debugging reveals:

passthru is initialized in os_linux.cpp:1471 in the (m_escalade_type==AMCC_3WARE_678K) section. It is then reset to NULL at os_linux.cpp:1576 The subsequent access at os_linux.cpp:1610 dereferences the NULL-Pointer, which segfaults.

#23 fixed strict-aliasing warnings from gcc 4.4.1 on Linux x86_64 somebody Christian Franke

Build from smartmontools-5.39-rc.tar.gz (r2990) with gcc 4.4.1:

g++ [...] -g -O2 -Wall -W [...] -c -o os_linux.o os_linux.cpp os_linux.cpp: In member function 'bool os_linux::linux_megaraid_device::megasas_cmd(int, void*, int, void*, int, void*, int)': os_linux.cpp:1108: warning: dereferencing pointer 'pthru' does break strict-aliasing rules [...] os_linux.cpp:1079: warning: dereferencing pointer 'pthru' does break strict-aliasing rules os_linux.cpp:1078: note: initialized from here


#24 fixed configure option '--with-docdir' is obsolete and breaks '--docdir' Christian Franke Christian Franke

Recent autoconf releases provide a '--docdir' option with default value 'DATAROOTDIR/doc/smartmontools'. The '--with-docdir' defined in always overwrites this setting and uses a different default value 'PREFIX/share/doc/smartmontools-VERSION'.

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