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#31 fixed smartmontools-5.39-1.win32-setup.exe configure drive menu incorrectly Christian Franke Dan Lukes
  1. Downloaded smartmontools-5.39-1.win32-setup.exe
  2. Installed with custom-type install; selected Program FIles, Uninstaller, Add install dir to PATH, Add (smartctl -a | smartctl -t long) into drive menu.

Installation has been completed successfully.

The items in drive menu doesn't work. I extracted from the registry that smartctl -a invoke "C:\Program Files\smartmontools\bin\smartctl-run.bat" -a %L

But there is no "C:\Program Files\smartmontools\bin\smartctl-run.bat" installed.

I don't know what's the function of smartctl-run.bat ...

#32 fixed Print also text representation of -r ataioctl,2 data Dan Lukes Dan Lukes

-r ataioctl,2 should print the text representation of data also.

(similar task to ticket #30)

The change should not broke the "replayability" of the recorded output even with older, unpatched, version of smatrtctl

#33 wontfix SMART Automatic Offline Testing periodicity Dan Lukes Dan Lukes

Currently, the -o on option enable the Automatic Offline Testing for every 4 hours. It is hard-coded constant.

I know the concept of Automatic Offline Testing is obsolete, some vendors doesn't implement such command at all, while others accept it, but consider it NOOP.

Despite of it, on the drives where implemented as non-void would be nice to have a way how to request different time.

I would like to introduce backward compatible option

-o on[,N]

where N specify the time in the form <number>[<unit>]

Unit may be 's' for seconds, 'm' for minutes, 'h' for hours. Seconds assumed when not present.

Missing N is assumed to be 4h to maintain backward compatibility.

The time is rounded to nearest lower available value (with exception that 1-4s are rounded to 5s). Such value is reported back to user in place of original message

SMART Automatic Offline Testing Enabled every four hours.

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