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#267 Add new SSD SMART attributes (Kingston V200) Christian Franke enhancement major drivedb 6.1
#268 smartd should avoid port multiplier devices on FreeBSD somebody defect major all 6.1
#281 smartctl hpt27xx controller with more than 16 devices Alex Samorukov enhancement major smartctl 6.1
#283 problem with smartctl -a with SDM SSD memory device somebody defect major drivedb 6.1
#221 write cache reordering Alex Samorukov enhancement minor all 5.42
#266 Warnings os_darwin.cpp: -Wself-assign Christian Franke patch minor smartd 6.0
#280 Unknown USB bridge [0x04c5:0x201d (0x001)] works with -d sat somebody enhancement minor drivedb 6.1
#277 Add OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G SSD to drivedb.h somebody enhancement trivial drivedb 6.1
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