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#236 3ware 9750 support in FreeBSD somebody enhancement major all 5.43
#240 Support for more than 24 drives at a time somebody enhancement major all 5.43
#247 Unable to get data from SCSI disk on FreeBSD with LSI RAID Alex Samorukov defect major all 6.0
#257 Intel 320 40GB SSD not recognized Christian Franke enhancement major drivedb 5.43
#258 Attrib 198 (Uncorrectable_Sector_Ct) incorrectly decoded on Sandforce SSD's Christian Franke defect major drivedb 6.0
#259 Errors when the defect list is too large for the 10byte Read Defect command Doug Gilbert enhancement major smartctl 6.0
#70 os_freebsd.cpp: Implement freebsd_escalade_device::ata_pass_through() somebody enhancement minor all 5.39.1
#180 Implement smartd --savestates and --attributelog for SCSI Alex Samorukov enhancement minor smartd 5.41
#201 os_freebsd.cpp: Have smartd prefer real device names over passN somebody enhancement minor smartd
#222 scterc set for megaraid somebody task minor all 5.42
#250 implement -g/-s wcache and lookahead for the SCSI drvies somebody enhancement minor all 6.0
#256 Windows Event log missing log source somebody enhancement minor smartd 6.0
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