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#752 update-smart-drivedb should authenticate the downloaded file [Windows] Christian Franke enhancement major all 6.5
#1278 update-smart-drivedb: Older releases return *** BAD signature *** Christian Franke defect major all 6.6
#1397 Don't report ATA attribute failure if value is equal to threshold Christian Franke defect minor all

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1396 Seagate IronWolf Pro 125 SSD - False Positive SMART. 246 Unknown_Attribute enhancement major drivedb
#1150 Change and to support Automake 2.0 defect minor all
#1348 Corsair Force LE patch minor drivedb
#1379 Add to drivedb: Novachips SCALAR-04T patch minor drivedb 7.1
#1380 Change in drivedb: Supermicro SATA DOM (SuperDOM) patch minor drivedb 7.1
#1384 SAMSUNG MZYLN256HCHP-000L2 enhancement minor drivedb 7.1
#1386 Drive not in Database - ADATA M.2 SSD (ADATA SU650NS38) enhancement minor drivedb
#1389 Kingston RBU-SNSx180S3 series SSDs (e.g., RBUSNS4180S3256GJ) patch minor drivedb
#1392 Patch to mark Seagate Archive HDD as SMR patch minor drivedb 7.1
#1393 add drive to database: SMART Modular SVM2S46128GNPI51UF enhancement minor drivedb 7.1
#1399 ADATA IMSS332 enhancement minor drivedb
#1401 Add to drivedb: Intel INTELSSDSA2SH064G1IB patch minor drivedb 7.1
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