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#832 Enable / disable the certain device features by specifying feature value and sector count value. new minor undecided smartctl
#870 [SAS/SCSI] Patch to support SMART attributes support for WDC SAS products new minor undecided smartctl
#1117 add to drivedb: ST240FN0021 new minor undecided drivedb
#1191 Add Support for Advantech-SQF-S25M4-128G-S9E new minor undecided drivedb
#1317 Proper attributes for SanDisk SDSSDA(120|240|480)G new minor undecided drivedb
#1348 Corsair Force LE new minor Release 7.3 drivedb
#1379 Add to drivedb: Novachips SCALAR-04T new minor Release 7.3 drivedb
#1380 Change in drivedb: Supermicro SATA DOM (SuperDOM) new minor Release 7.3 drivedb
#1389 Kingston RBU-SNSx180S3 series SSDs (e.g., RBUSNS4180S3256GJ) new minor Release 7.3 drivedb
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