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#1153 Command timeout occurred when I used the command "smartctl -C -t short" on HDD test new critical undecided smartctl
#1215 smartctl selects the wrong NVMe device new major undecided all
#1278 update-smart-drivedb: Older releases return *** BAD signature *** accepted Christian Franke major Release 7.2 all
#513 Windows spins up and down disk even when ''-n standby'' is used new minor undecided all
#737 Exit code 0 returned even when no SCSI diagnostic data is available new minor undecided smartctl
#819 KINGSTON SUV400S37120G: badly formed scsi parameters new minor undecided all
#826 Old OCZ-Vertex2 drive: badly formed scsi parameters new minor undecided all
#920 need to help for some correction : PM871b HP new minor unscheduled drivedb
#1070 SSDSC2KB019T7R scsi error badly formed scsi parameters new minor undecided all
#1150 Change and to support Automake 2.0 new minor Release 7.2 all
#1186 Under CentOS 7.5, smartctl fails to read SMART data on changed drive behind MegaRAID new minor undecided all
#1218 Self tests pass under Windows 10 1809 but get stuck at 90% under Linux new minor undecided smartctl
#1245 smartd continues to write identical disk data for a failed drive new minor undecided smartd
#1272 Missing SMART data from hpsa SAS devices (HP EG0900FBLSK) new minor undecided all
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