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#688 Print vendor specific NVMe log pages new nvme enhancement major
#690 os_solaris.cpp: Add NVMe support for Solaris and IllumOS new nvme solaris enhancement minor
#1067 Add Samsung specific NVMe pass-through access via NVMe Security commands new nvme enhancement minor
#1190 smartd not writing attributes (-A) for NVMe devices new nvme enhancement minor
#1223 Allow access of NVMe drives behind Intel RST drivers new nvme windows enhancement minor
#1300 Man page provides no clue how to interpret NVMe error log new nvme enhancement minor
#1499 Support to KINGSPEC-NE-512 (0x174c:0x2362, ASM2362) new nvme usb enhancement minor
#1507 How to retrieve/set SCTERC NVME devices? new nvme enhancement minor
#1649 Support NVMe self-tests in smartd new nvme enhancement minor
#1670 smartd: per device rules don't match for nvmes new nvme linux defect minor
#1708 Windows - NVMe Self-Test (kicking and aborting) not working properly new nvme windows defect minor
#1715 Allow to ignore certain bits of NVMe Critical Warning byte new nvme enhancement minor
#1716 Monitor "Available Spare" for NVMe SSD devices new nvme enhancement minor
#1741 nvme self test commands fail when specifying a namespace new nvme defect minor
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