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#1127 -l selftest should display current power on/lifetime hours new enhancement minor undecided
#1153 Command timeout occurred when I used the command "smartctl -C -t short" on HDD test new defect critical undecided
#832 Enable / disable the certain device features by specifying feature value and sector count value. new patch minor undecided
#737 Exit code 0 returned even when no SCSI diagnostic data is available new defect minor undecided
#1066 Please add a timeout parameter new enhancement minor unscheduled
#110 Print self-test failure checkpoint byte new somebody enhancement minor undecided
#688 Print vendor specific NVMe log pages new enhancement major unscheduled
#1165 Set JSON value 'power_on_time.hours' if raw value also contains milliseconds new enhancement minor Release 7.1
#870 [SAS/SCSI] Patch to support SMART attributes support for WDC SAS products new patch minor undecided
#187 information of partitions accepted Christian Franke enhancement minor unscheduled
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