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#1352 Vantec-SATA-IDE-Adapter-CB-ISA225-U3-Innostor Technology Corporation defect minor all
#606 Vendor Attributes not fetched for Seagate/Toshiba Disks defect major all
#1207 WD Red 6TB - WDC WD60EFAX-68SHWN0 reports wrong self-test polling time recommendation defect minor smartctl
#1476 WD80EFAX-68LHPN0 drive permanently shows ATA Error task minor smartctl
#1602 WDS200T1X0E-00AFY0 enhancement minor drivedb
#1521 Wearout not correct Transcend TS512GMTE220S defect minor smartctl
#1720 Western Digital SN730 SDBQNTY-1T00-1001 displaying incorrect data defect minor smartctl
#1205 Whey the command "/smartctl -i -l selftest -l error -H -t short" returnned "Log Structure revision number 0"? task minor smartctl
#795 Why can't smartmontools disable SMART check? defect blocker smartctl
#1210 Why was the script unable to run the short test at 7am o'clock? task minor smartctl
#1271 Windows 2012 R2 NVMe support (stornvme.sys) enhancement major all
#877 Workaround for supporting SATADOM enhancement minor smartctl
#694 about the smartmontools command to fetch the NVMe SSD info under Windows. defect major all
#950 add to drivedb: HGST-SSD1600MM enhancement minor drivedb
#957 add to drivedb: ST6000NM0095 enhancement minor drivedb
#1528 addition to database for smartctl-Samsung-SSD980PRO enhancement minor drivedb
#1019 allow for shorter check intervals (and perhaps use them per default) enhancement trivial smartd
#274 big temperature difference between smartd & smartctl somebody defect major all
#925 creating test ticket to test new trac version defect minor all
#854 drivedb.h parser ignores lines with // comments defect major drivedb
#630 how to configure amazon aws mail server to send smartd alerts defect minor all
#850 how to setup disk failure alerts notification to email in centos 7.3 enhancement minor smartd
#347 invalid SMART checksum bug defect minor smartctl
#641 kingston ssd uv300 Runtime_Bad_Block defect major smartctl
#282 problem with smartctl -a with SDM SSD memory device jeremy385892 defect major smartctl
#1265 sample ticket defect minor all
#748 scan_smart_devices: glob(3) aborted matching pattern /dev/discs/disc enhancement major all
#287 selective test percentage somebody defect major all
#514 smartcrl question defect minor drivedb
#284 smartctl -l selftest does not show running selftest status with Toshiba MK2002TSKB somebody defect minor all
#1339 smartctl -n standby wakes WD USB drive defect minor all
#1233 smartctl exit code 4. "scsiPrintFormatStatus: Failed" in -a output defect minor smartctl
#781 smartctl for OCZ-AGILITY3 incorrectly reporting temperature of 128C defect minor all
#727 smartctl hangs with Areca 1883 defect major smartctl
#1581 smartctl never completes when all information is requested from a 4K Native WD drive over USB defect minor smartctl
#1561 smartctl no longer detects /dev/sdb and /dev/sdd temperatures defect minor smartctl
#261 smartctl on OpenSolaris (OpenIndiana, illumos) outputs kernel errors somebody defect minor all
#1215 smartctl selects the wrong NVMe device defect major all
#1220 smartctl tests are not logged for SanDisk SDSSDA240G drive defect minor smartctl
#553 smartctrl labels seemingly good value pre-fail (windows and linux) defect major all
#1632 smartd & json enhancement minor smartd
#1538 smartd gets confused about which drive is reporting temperature changes? defect minor smartd
#41 smartd: internal error in MailWarning(): cfg.mailwarn->emailfreq=0 somebody defect minor smartd
#1572 smartmontools 7.2: mailer call in wrong way defect minor smartd
#1792 test ticket defect minor none all
#519 testing new trac, plz ignore defect major Release 6.0 all
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