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#52 os_linux.cpp: Implement linux_highpoint_device::ata_pass_through() new somebody enhancement unscheduled major
#55 Rework ATA debug output accepted Christian Franke task unscheduled major
#60 DEVICESCAN and hotplug new somebody enhancement unscheduled major
#104 os_solaris.cpp: Migrate to new dev_interface new somebody enhancement unscheduled major
#105 os_qnxnto.cpp: Migrate to new dev_interface new somebody enhancement unscheduled major
#688 Print vendor specific NVMe log pages new enhancement unscheduled major
#1440 'smartctl -n standby' wakes up Adaptec HBA adapter drives new defect undecided major
#1448 "Defect list not found" SAS SSD new defect undecided major
#1504 defect - WD Elements external hard drive errors with "not capable of SMART self-check" new defect undecided major
#1515 smartctl crash with aacraid and adaptec 6805 on Windows reopened defect undecided major
#1527 linux megaraid: opening the device for ioctls with O_RDWR causes a partition rescan new patch undecided major
#1623 smartd SMART Failure events even after the HDD is replaced new defect undecided major
#1633 SCSI self-tests only working in foreground mode (TOSHIBA AL13SEB300) new defect undecided major
#1641 smartctl.exe -d aacraid on Windows crashing when called with full path to binary new defect undecided major
#1765 IOCTL_ATA_PASS_THROUGH fails with DRQ set (Intel PCH AHCI) new defect undecided major
#1806 JSON output for NVMe is missing info from 'smartctl -c' new enhancement unscheduled major
#1817 '-r scsiioctl': No debug output may appear or debug output may appear twice [regression] new defect Release 7.5 major
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