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#752 update-smart-drivedb should authenticate the downloaded file [Windows] Christian Franke enhancement major all 6.5
#1278 update-smart-drivedb: Older releases return *** BAD signature *** Christian Franke defect major all 6.6

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#1283 QNAP-TR004 Port Multiplier does not provide SMART data (GH PR 47) Christian Franke enhancement minor all 7.1

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#1150 Change and to support Automake 2.0 defect minor all
#1179 Seagate ST2000DM008-2FR1 enhancement minor drivedb
#1276 MTFDDAK256MBF-1AN1ZABHA (HP) drivedb enhancement minor drivedb 7.1
#1280 Support TS120GMTS420S patch minor drivedb
#1281 PNY CS900 (120 or 240GB) SSD not in database enhancement minor drivedb
#1282 Transcend 360S attributes support (TS256GSSD360S) patch minor drivedb
#1287 Please add Western Digital WD8004FRYZ to the database enhancement minor drivedb 6.5
#1289 Missing device in database WDC WD4003FRYZ-01F0DB0 task minor drivedb 7.1
#1293 drivedb.h Fix for PLEXTOR PX-128M3 enhancement minor drivedb 7.1
#1295 Unknown USB bridge [0x0860:0x0001], missing from database enhancement minor drivedb 7.1
#1296 Smartmontools USB Device Support for device 0x152d:0x1337 (0x508) enhancement minor drivedb
#1298 Add ADATA IM2S3138E-128GM-B enhancement minor drivedb
#1299 --scan and DEVICESCAN shouldn't return ses devices on FreeBSD enhancement minor all 7.0
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